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Necklace-Bag1 (33)Beginning Oct. 1 I will be featuring a huge sale of my surplus necklaces.  I need to make room for new items and I am overstocked.

Sale prices range from $2 -$20

In order for you to take advantage of this terrific offer just go to the Website for Jewelry A La Mode at http://jewelryalamode.com and start browsing the listings.  The sale includes items from Etsy listings.  The price you will pay for an item will be one-half of the original price.  For example, the $14.97 listings will be sold for $7.47, plus shipping. I ship to the US at USPS prices according to the weight.  International shipping is at USPS prices for each country.

If you would like to purchase an item, please let me know the item name, SKU number and current sale price.  Sale items will be shipped in a plastic baggie and a carefully padded package.

I originally listed these on my Etsy Shop, MizMlu and I hope that you will find one or more pieces that you really like and help me make room in my studio for more new creations.

These items will be on sale until December 31st. These are one of a kind pieces. Once sold, they are gone. Your only guarantee to get the piece you want, is to purchase it when you see it. There are no holds for products. All sales are final.

A Rainy Day

I live in Southern California and its raining today.  I love the rain as long as I don’t have to go out in it.  I don’t today.  I keep looking out the window and it is pouring rain down on my home.  I live in a mobile home so my home is about a foot above the ground. But the rain is so heavy right now that the street in front of my house is flooded from edge to edge.  My front walk is flooded so badly I can’t go out to pick up my mail.  My back yard and driveway is flooded from front to back.  I love it. I am inside, warm and comfortable.

I did my necessary shopping a couple of days ago in preparation for this event.  So now, I can sit in my warm home and occasionally peek out the window to get the latest status of the storm. Our area has been parched for quite a while so we have had to restrict our water use.  This is a blessing.

It won’t last.  Maybe tomorrow it will be back to Sunny California.

Afghan Solution

The third afghan problem has been resolved.  My daughter, Circe, took it and will carry it with her the next time she goes to San Francisco to visit  her son and his family.  Their son, Ozzie, is only two years old, but Circe will give him the afghan.  He is getting bigger all the time and sleeps in a real bed, so the afghan will help keep him warm in the San Francisco weather.  I remember that it was very cold on my first visit there in August on my honeymoon.

I’m happy to have homes for all the afghans I have made including the three that were stored in my studio.  Now, on to finishing the disposal project for the rest of the stuff I no longer want, or need, all over my house.