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Necklace-Bag1 (33)Beginning Oct. 1 I will be featuring a huge sale of my surplus necklaces.  I need to make room for new items and I am overstocked.

Sale prices range from $2 -$20

In order for you to take advantage of this terrific offer just go to the Website for Jewelry A La Mode at http://jewelryalamode.com and start browsing the listings.  The sale includes items from Etsy listings.  The price you will pay for an item will be one-half of the original price.  For example, the $14.97 listings will be sold for $7.47, plus shipping. I ship to the US at USPS prices according to the weight.  International shipping is at USPS prices for each country.

If you would like to purchase an item, please let me know the item name, SKU number and current sale price.  Sale items will be shipped in a plastic baggie and a carefully padded package.

I originally listed these on my Etsy Shop, MizMlu and I hope that you will find one or more pieces that you really like and help me make room in my studio for more new creations.

These items will be on sale until December 31st. These are one of a kind pieces. Once sold, they are gone. Your only guarantee to get the piece you want, is to purchase it when you see it. There are no holds for products. All sales are final.

A Sad Little Event

dog-1742295_640I live in a mobile home facility for Seniors.  There is a large Rec Hall for events and we can participate in some activity almost every day if we want to.

Along the wall as we enter the Hall there are shelves with videos, books of all kinds and at the very end lots of jigsaw puzzles and some games.  I pick up some books there and check out the puzzles.  I have purchased and donated many of them.

Recently I brought home a few puzzles from the Rec Hall.  I love the challenge of these puzzles and almost always am working on one.

Last week I started a new one and sadly discovered that there were many missing pieces.  More than half of the border pieces were missing and to my surprise there were puzzle pieces that did not belong in this puzzle.  I always begin by sorting all the pieces by color and setting aside the borders.  Many of the pieces did not belong there. This puzzle could not be worked.

I had brought home 4 puzzles, so I looked at the others.  Upon opening one I found that several pieces in this box did not belong there.  They were some of the missing pieces of the first box.  Someone had switched handfuls of one puzzle in with the other, making both puzzles impossible to put together. It’s hard enough to do one puzzle, but when pieces are missing or don’t match the others it can’t be done.

I don’t have a clue as to who would do such a thing.  I am sorry to discover we have such an inconsiderate resident of our Mobile Home Park.  I want to let the other tenants of the Park know about this discovery, but I won’t.  I hope that whoever did it only destroyed the two boxes and won’t do it again.  It hurts too many of us who depend on a little diversion.

Just a Little Advice

dog-1713341_640Whenever you make a purchase take a look at the bottom of the receipt, or the back, for the return conditions.  Many stores have a short period of time in which to return the item.

I purchased four 9V batteries a month ago from my local 99c store to replace the fire alarms in my home.  I had to wait for my daughter to come by since I am not able to get up on the ladder to do that.  When she arrived she told me I only needed one battery.  The other alarms were good for a year.  So I decided to return the unused three batteries. I had no other use for them right now. And as I live on my Social Security every penny is needed.

I took them back to the 99c store and was told that the return time had expired. However they would honor it this one time.

When I looked at the sales slip for the items I purchased that day I noticed that the return policy was printed at the very bottom of the slip in tiny letters.  I had 9 days to bring any item back for credit.  NINE days!

I received credit for them in the form of a printed receipt which gave me a store credit for $3.27.  However, I must take the store credit within 9 days.  I had already checked out with my current purchases and wasn’t planning to go back quite that soon, but will, to take the credit.

So, check that receipt! Stores vary and you may have to research their policy.