60 Watt Dimmable Antique Reproduction Light Bulbs

60 Watt Dimmable Antique Reproduction Light BulbsI want to share with you, MizMlu’s readers, a product I discovered that perhaps some of you have already seen. I reviewed it in a manner it is not advertised for, yet made a perfect match for me.

The product is a 60 watt Edison style light bulb. After I ordered, received and tested this bulb, I found out there are many of these out there. This one it turns out is for me, a little bit more beautiful. The light from it is warm and romantic.

I used this bulb to light a photographic studio shot. It added warmth to the shot, like candle light, without the dangerous flame.

The filaments glow when the light is turned on. I photographed the bulb too.

You can find the bulb on Amazon.