9/11 flag

Last week I was waiting in the outer office of my financial advisor when I noticed a large picture of the US flag on the wall. It was 3’ x 5’ and where the stripes were there was printed each name of the 2977 people who died on 9/11. It was an awesome sight. Once again I felt such personal agony for each of the families of those who died as well as the actual innocent people. That flag made an impression on me that again brought the tragedy so close, as if I had lost someone in my own family. It has been 10 years but the events of that day will never be forgotten. My sympathies go out again for those who were innocent victims and the torment that they and their families endured.
The framed flag has been hanging there for some time and when I commented on it to the receptionist, she began to cry. She said she couldn’t help it seeing it every day. We must never forget.