A Little More About Me

This is new to me and to you.   I will be posting on this blog as often as I am able to about all sorts of things.  It could be what I am currently doing, my family, the news, and things I like or dislike, whatever occurs to me.

Today I am going to tell you a little more about me and my family than just what appears on the home page.  I was very lucky to meet and marry the love of my life but lost him to a heart attack when he was only 46.  We had been married 25 years and had a son and 2 daughters.  Only the youngest was still home.  My son now lives in Olympia, WA with his wife.  They had a son & daughter and 3 girls of their own, my great grandchildren.  My oldest daughter lives about 30 minutes away and she has 2 sons.   My youngest daughter lives in Ventura, CA and has a son & daughter.

I am very proud of my children.  They are all very talented and their children are talented.   However, no matter how hard we all try, none of us are rich.  But we are still working at it.  My son is the only one who doesn’t have a web site.   You can click on the links at the right on the home page to see the web sites of their creations.

At the present time I am busy with etsy which is a place where I can sell some of my creations as well as vintage jewelry and other items.  There is a wide variety of pieces.

I have also done some article writing and had it published by Associated Content.  My site also features e-books I have written on Money Management for teens and Genealogy for beginners as well as a comprehensive description of the Mormon Library in Salt Lake City for those who are planning a first trip.  I began researching my family 15 years ago and also did my granddaughter-in-law’s family back to the earliest history.  That was interesting because I found many Kings, Queens, Lady Godiva, and a woman who was executed as a witch in Salem in her family tree.  I am currently spending very little time on my family history, just sort of keeping my toe in the water.

I would like to hear from anyone who has a comment or would like to know more about me and what I think.  I have not offered my opinions as yet on this site.  I am just getting started.  But, believe me, I have opinions.