The Black Necklace

You all know that I am a member of Etsy where I sell vintage items and handmade jewelry.  I was wearing a necklace a couple of weeks ago that I had made and got several comments on it.  One of the ladies asked if I could make her a necklace to go with her usual black and white outfits.  I said, “Sure, no problem.”  Little did I know, never having made a custom item for anyone.  But what the heck, why not try?  So I found some black beads that I thought would suit her and some silver beads to use as spacers.


When I got home I planned how I was going to put them together and made up 3 samples.  I then scanned them and sent her a picture asking her to choose 1 of the 3.  She responded with, “Do whatever you think is OK”.  That was not the answer I needed.  I wanted it to be exactly what she had in mind, so I asked again for her to pick the one she liked the best and this time she chose one.


It took me several hours to get it strung together to my satisfaction and what I hoped would please her.  Then I had to set a price.  That’s very difficult for me.  In my Etsy store I am fairly familiar with the pricing and the value of the items I sell.  But this was different.  This piece was for an elderly lady, a friend, and I didn’t want to overcharge her, but I wanted to be paid for my costs and labor, so I suggested $15.  She responded by saying that wasn’t enough and offered $25.  I was shocked.  $25!  So to ease my conscience and still get paid for my efforts I split the difference and charged her $20.


Last Saturday I gave her the necklace and put it on for her.   She was thrilled with it.  We are part of a small group which meets once a month and everyone was excited and delighted with her necklace.   My granddaughter saw it before I gave it to my friend and asked me if I would make one for her.  I did and she is very happy with it.  I would rather not make custom jewelry, but I am glad that I did this one.   I hope I don’t have to do this again, but I learned a lot and could do it if I had to.