A new look for my blog

My blog has been up for about 2 years and I am pleased with the responses but I thought it might be time for a new look. My daughter came by last night and together we came up with the format you now see. Green is my favorite color and this page is light and cool. I like it.

I will be posting new items on a regular basis as before, but will be adding Adsense ads on the right side of the page for products I like and approve. If you like them as well and click on them I will receive a small compensation. Some of the ads will be for items that I have commented on in earlier articles on my blog so you should be familiar with them. There is no pressure for a purchase so you don’t have to be concerned about that. A click does not imply anything except a look-see.

I hope that you will continue to read my thoughts for the day and the other things that I find interesting and want to share with you. I enjoy this activity and plan to continue as long as possible.