My Etsy Experience

Hello all. I have been very busy and unable to keep up with my Mizmlu’s Creatives page. I apologize. I will be sending out a new Thought for Today and the following article for your attention. I would like to hear from you about anything I have written, where you are, who you are, what you would like to talk about, anything to help me connect with my readers.

My most recent interest has been with Etsy. Etsy is a site that has vintage and handcrafted items for sale. I joined them in November, 2010. My daughter recommended it to me since she knew that I was disposing of some of my no longer wanted possessions and thought I had some items that were worth money. My daughter is an artist and creates beautiful objects like pop-up greeting cards, portraits, seasonal items, as well as graphic designs for logos or for whatever use they are needed. She has sold many of her creations on Etsy.

I put together the items I wanted to sell and my other daughter took pictures of them and posted them in a folder on my computer. Pictures are required on Etsy because they give the prospective buyer a good look at the item for sale. Also some information is needed to describe the article, its size, the material used, and any other useful facts to help the buyer make a choice.

Joining Etsy was easy. I had to fill out a form, give some information about myself, provide a picture if desired, but not necessary. No personal information is required.

Once I had joined I listed about 10 items that I wanted to sell, set a price for each, added shipping cost and posted pictures of the item. In most cases I used an overall image as well as a close up view so that the customer would have a good idea of what they would receive.

It took a while before I sold anything, but I kept posting messages on Facebook and Twitter promoting my site,, and finally a sale! Then one lady bought 4 necklaces I had listed. What a great feeling! I put up more things. I do make handmade items so I listed a pillow, some slippers, crocheted cell phone pouches, wearable business card holders and lots of old jewelry that I never wear anymore. Etsy takes only handcrafted or vintage items at least 20 years old.

Etsy has a tutorial that teaches how to price your item, how to fill out the form to sell your item, suggestions on pricing and shipping, and tips for succeeding.

Once an item sells it must be shipped within 2 business days. I have collected packaging supplies over time so I didn’t need to purchase anything but the small padded envelopes for the jewelry. I make sure that the item is well padded to prevent damage in shipping. Paypal has a connection to Etsy so that when an item sells Paypal notifies you of the sale and who bought and paid for it. Once you know the weight of the packaged item you can use Paypal to print a mailing label without showing the amount of the postage and just drop it off at the Post Office or put it in your mail box to be picked up. The cost of the postage is deducted from the proceeds of the sale and the rest is deposited in Paypal where you can leave it or transfer it to your bank.

Etsy charges .20 per item for the listing and 3.5% from the sale price. Each listing is automatically withdrawn after 4 months. You have the choice of relisting it if you have more than one and you so desire. The Etsy charges can be deducted from your Paypal account.

Etsy has about 3,000 members who create some of the most beautiful items I have ever seem. They come from all over the world. Some are truly accomplished artists and paint or design jewelry, clothing, accessories, household items, toys and more. Others seek antique items at yard sales or second hand stores and resell them. There is a forum where Etsy sellers can converse and help each other. It is truly a joy to just spend time looking at the amazing talent and imagination of the Etsy sellers. If you have any vintage item or handcrafted piece that you no longer want check out Etsy. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you get paid for your efforts. How nice.