Handy Hint

These days a lot of people are concerned about saving money, me among them.  While going through some old magazines I ran across an article which had several very good ideas to save money, and or time.  Most were quite inventive.  I don’t have much imagination so I was intrigued with the solutions and ideas that others came up with.  I am going to share some of them with you during the days to come.  Watch for a Handy Hint now and then.   Here’s the first.

If you have been frustrated by not being able to get the last bit of lotion out of a tube even with your strongest squeezing, try this trick.  Cut the tube in half about an inch or less from the top.  Now you have 2 places to get your lotion.  You can usually find about 5 more uses before you finally throw it out.  A great idea from Rosemary Routman.