Happy Birthday!

Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday.   I don’t think it would be proper to reveal her age.  If your birthday is today here is your horoscope for the coming year.

“This year you greet many positive events.  You often can be found cocooning emotionally, holding your feelings in.   Others don’t always know how to relate to you. Take the lead and get past a semi-introverted stance.  Events often surprise you, pushing you into the limelight.  You are known for your flexibility.  If you are single, you might inadvertently choose someone who is emotionally unavailable.  Careful!  If you are attached, the two of you gain from weekends together without others.  Re-create your honeymoon.  CAPRICORN can be your best friend or your worst enemy.”

Happy Birthday to all the Aquarians out there who were born on Jan. 21!