I Love Cats

green_eyes_cat_faceThroughout all my years of growing up and growing old I have had a cat, sometimes two.  Except now.  For the last 15 years I have not had a cat for a pet.  The last one died of old age about that long ago.  I did not acquire a new one and I don’t know why I didn’t.

But then I moved into a mobile home.  And somehow didn’t think about getting a new cat.  So I don’t have a cat now and I can’t think about getting one.  My home is small.  I would have to find a place for a litter box and if the cat happened to get outside it would be very difficult to find it.  Then driving to a vet when needed with a cat in the car is not something I want to do.  Been there, done that.

So I don’t have a cat.  But I miss having that little soft, furry companion.  I miss the purring and the rubbing against my leg for attention.

Then I saw this advertisement for a black T shirt with a silvery white cat on it and I fell in love. I want that T shirt. However, I have a closet full of T shirts and should not even consider buying more. I think maybe wearing the T shirt would almost be the same as having a real cat without all the disadvantages.  And I dream.