I am a new Kindle author!

I wrote a book on the absolute power of money and how to handle it.  That may sound rather difficult but if you are a teenager and just starting out on your own it can be daunting.  You are faced with an enormous amount of decisions to make and can easily make the wrong ones.  My book will give you detailed information on what you will come across and how to deal with them.  You may be considering moving out on your own, getting a job, getting your own credit card, finding a place to live in, all sorts of decisions that will affect your future.

Some parents may find a tip or two they didn’t consider.

The book is titled “My Money”, available on Amazon, and gives tips and advice as well as places to find more information on all of the above.  I also tell you what decisions you have to make when you get that first job.  There will be many choices to make, and you will be faced with them on your very first day.  You need to know what your employer, and the government, will want from you, money-wise.

Then I talk about other subjects you will find as you grow older and face other choices.  You will find advice on dealing with your credit cards, your credit score and what that means to you, future spouse’s income melding with yours, and follow through as you grow older with the Federal Taxes you have to pay, buying a home, saving your money, and finally what happens when your retire, including Social Security benefits.

I end my book with 5 simple rules anyone should follow to have security for the present and the future.  There are no guarantees that your actions will provide you with the future you want, but with careful attention to the power that money has over that future it will help you to avoid mistakes that many people make.

This book was written because many young people are not taught how to manage their money and consequently become depressed and anxious adults when they are in debt and resort to bankruptcy to solve their problems.  I am sure that this is not what you want for your future so I urge you to read my book.  At the very least you will know what you will encounter in your future.