Linkedin Experience

P1560110I joined Linkedin a couple of years ago at the suggestion of my daughter who is well versed in the media world. However I didn’t follow through on promoting myself or my business. I didn’t feel that I fit in with what I found there. I mean, really, how do I compare myself to Richard Branson? You know, the billionaire who owns Virgin Airlines and lots more? He’s all over Linkedin. But times change and things change and I was persuaded to give it a shot.
I am a business woman. I own a shop on Etsy to sell the jewelry I make. Why not join the rest of the businesses on Linkedin? So I did.
I didn’t promote any jewelry pieces. I wrote an article on the photographing of a single necklace. It is a double strand of pink cultured pearls and star shaped beads with tiny rhinestones. Making a double strand necklace is a huge challenge. Stringing the beads is simple. I do that all the time. But the two strands have to hang at just the right length to be attractive. Therefore I could not finish off the ends of the strands until the length was perfect. That meant attaching a clip to each of the ends and holding the 4 ends up in the air to judge the length of each strand. Putting it down on a board just doesn’t work. The length of the strand is not the same as when it is hanging.
But after several trials I found the right length and completed the necklace.
P1560109The next step was taking pictures of it. My daughter, who is an accomplished photographer, designer, traveler, public speaker, and much more, takes all the pictures of my jewelry since I do not own a camera. She came over, set up her equipment and began taking pictures. She could show me the results as she did each view. They were terrible. The color ranged from glaring white to bright orange. The lighting was the problem. We were outside in the sunshine, so decided to move to a different spot.
That place was no better, so we came into the house. My service porch is well lit and the flat tops of the washer and dryer were perfect for all the equipment. After several attempts in positioning the necklace she finally got an acceptable set of pictures that I can use in putting it up for sale. I have not yet done that, but I will.
It is a beautiful necklace. If you like it as much as I do, you may purchase it before I place it on Etsy by contacting me at

The article on Linkedin only discusses, in detail, the photography steps and the problems.