Lost my contact with the world

I had an emergency yesterday.  My land line phone went dead.  No dial tone.  I tried to use my cell phone but it wasn’t working either.  So I went to my neighbor who called the phone company for me.  However they couldn’t come until today.  I came home and tried the cell phone again, but realized I hadn’t topped it up and it was unusable.  So I was left with no way to reach my daughter who watches over me, or get online to reach her.


It was creepy.  I wasn’t frightened, but I felt literally disconnected to the world.  I live in a mobile home park so I am not without help if I need it, but the fact that I couldn’t communicate as I normally do was very strange.  I couldn’t get or send e-mail, pay bills, check my bank balance or any of the things I deal with every day.


After some time one of my neighbors came over to see if I was OK.  My daughter, who knows several people here in the park, reached someone.  This wonderful lady said she would walk over even though she had just come home from the hospital the day before.  She then called my daughter to let her know my situation.


For the rest of the day I spent my time doing things that didn’t require my computer or communication with the outside world.


Finally about 9pm my daughter showed up after work and got my cell phone working.  But she couldn’t fix the land line phone.  So I was still unable to conduct my normal business.  It is now the next day and I am waiting for the repairman as I write this.  He is scheduled to be here by 8pm.