Mother’s Day is coming soon!

Have you been thinking about a present for your Mother on Mother’s Day? You should. It’s not that far off. Shoppers will be crowding the stores looking for that perfect gift. Here’s an idea. Give her a piece of jewelry in her favorite color from one of  my  two shops. It’s not expensive, and shipping is free in the US. And you’re covered. You can now shop for something meaningful for her special day. But every time she wears the necklace you gave her she will think of you.  Isn’t that what you want?  Find just the right style, and the right color at or for a larger selection.

Shipping notes:  All shipping from Etsy to US locations is free.  International shipping is at USPS rates.  Jewelry A’la Mode shipping is free in the US for items of more than $10.  Lower priced items are shipped at USPS rates.  International shipping for all items is at USPS rates.  No charge for handling.