The mailman just picked up a package for me. The package was going to my first Amazon customer. I had made a sale of one of my jewelry items, the first in more than a year.
It’s been tough. I joined Amazon Handmade a few weeks ago and entered more than 50 necklaces for sale on their site. I have been promoting this, as well as my other two jewelry sites, since joining, and have been patiently waiting for some action. It finally came in the form of a sale last evening.
I spent quite a bit of time getting the package put together with a packing list, a pouch for the necklace, and packing materials to ship it in. It took me a while to find all those things and be sure I didn’t forget anything.
Since this was my first sale on Amazon their forms were unfamiliar to me and seemed complicated. I had to make sure all their conditions were met. For instance, they asked for a description of the package I was using. Since it was an ordinary mailing envelope, one of those brown heavy paper ones with bubbles, I couldn’t figure out how to enter the sizes of length, width and depth. The envelope was 5”x8” but the depth? I entered 0” but that was not accepted. Finally, after several attempts to figure out how to resolve this, I entered 1” and it was accepted. As you know, those envelopes have no depth. Obviously they would want depth for a box, not an envelope, but I ship most of my jewelry in padded envelopes, not boxes. I guess I wouldn’t qualify for the shipping department job I saw in the newspaper…
Then, when I finally got all the info entered, I had to click on “Confirm Shipment”. It was indicated as being at the bottom of one of the pages, but it wasn’t there. Not on the indicated page, nor any other of the multiple pages. I just couldn’t find it.
I went to bed out of frustration. I thought a good night’s sleep and a clear head might tell me what I needed to do.
Early the next morning I attempted to contact Amazon to ask what I should do about not having the shipment confirmed. Nothing in all my paperwork with them had a telephone number for Amazon. I needed an answer before I felt secure in the shipping, this being my first sale with them. I didn’t want to delay it by trying to get an answer online.
Finally I found a page in the notes I had copied while setting up my Amazon site that had an option where I could ask them to call me. My phone rang almost immediately after I requested it and a nice woman answered my question about the confirmation. She responded that the confirmation was already completed and I could ship the package. Apparently Amazon furnished the completion. But I did not see that in my shipping page, so was confused. Her email message to me sent after the close of the conversation informed me that the shipment was confirmed, the buyer would be notified of the shipping and expected arrival dates, the tracking number was given to her, how she should make the payment and the date on which the payment would be deposited in my bank account. Now that seemed very efficient!
I sell on other sites and I think I am quite experienced in providing the information each one requires. I am confident that I will become accustomed to Amazon’s way of doing business. They are an enormous company and have millions of sellers and customers and have developed their sales accounts to be effective. My little shop is just a drop in the bucket, but the person who helped me this morning told me to send off the package today. Everything was completed.  I am an Amazon seller!