A Night to Remember

Last night I had a delightful evening with good friends.  My daughter, Circe, and I visited with Linnaea and Bruce Mallette.  Linnaea served a delicious dinner, of course, but the special event was a showing of “Gone With The Wind” on their ginormous wall TV.  It was just like seeing the movie in a theatre.


I had read Margaret Mitchell’s book and seen the movie twice, but long, long ago and only remembered certain scenes.  It brought tears to my eyes to see those beautiful and talented actors once again.  The movie was a masterpiece for David Selznick who spared no expense to achieve the affect he desired.  His attention to detail was exquisite.  If there were 1000s of dead soldiers lying on a battlefield, they were real people.  Extras, of course, but paid men and not computer generated.  And the costumes!  Oh my, the costumes!  They made me appreciate the wardrobe department for their enormous effort in design and production of the quantity, and quality of elegant gowns. Authenticity right down to their petticoats.


Mr. Selznick did not skimp on the scenery either.   If you are not from the South or have never been there this movie showed you what it is like, then and now.  Every scene was perfectly displayed.  He captured the essence of that period and the tragedy that was the Civil War as told by Ms.Mitchell.


This is a very long movie with an intermission.  Linnaea treated us to a splendid dinner while we enjoyed the intermission.  All in all, it was one of the best evenings I’ve had in a long, long time and I am indeed fortunate to have friends like Linnaea and Bruce Mallette.