We had a little earthquake last night.  i was lying in bed, reading, at 11:20 when my bed moved.  Not a lot, just a gentle wave motion. But it brought back memories of the BIG one several years ago.  I don’t remember the exact year or the size of that one.  I just remember the result.  I remember being bounced up and down in bed. And not having power, as well as having to clean up the mess and assess the damage.

My townhouse was mostly OK, but the items inside were moved around.  One vase, especially comes to mind.  It flew all the way across the room. The fireplace bricks were loosened and had to be replaced, the contents of the refrigerator were on the floor, but all these were minor.  I was not hurt.  But I am very concerned about what might happen in the next one.  I live in Earthquake territory and expect another one any day now.