I live in the San Fernando Valley in So. California.  My home is in a mobile home park in Canoga Park.  I have been here for 16 years and it suits me.  But there are unpleasant aspects to this type of home.  I will not go into them since most do not affect me. They are just annoying conditions that I have learned to live with.  However, one thing is very disturbing.  The occupants of this large area are warned to keep their possessions safe from thefts by drive-by crooks who take whatever isn’t locked up.

I have been a victim twice.  Shortly after I moved here I wanted to add something to the front of my home that would be attractive.  My late husband had given me a present of a LARGE vase-type vessel.  It was in the shape of a Greek urn.  He knew of my interest in all things Greek and this urn was 3’ tall.  I found some long-stemmed greens to fill it and which set it off.  When I moved here many years later I brought the urn with me.  I placed it in a corner of my small front yard.  Big mistake.  It disappeared one night never to be found.  It turns out I shouldn’t have left it outdoors at all.  Nothing  outside is safe.

That hurt, but this latest theft has really pissed me off.  Someone, or ones, took my ladder which was too large for my storage unit, so was propped against my back wall.  My home is on an outer side of the property and my tiny back yard has a fence separating the mobile home park from a little waterway that I always thought was the LA river, but it’s not.  I have not been able to identify it on any map.

The thieves may have climbed over the fence, or just walked back to where the ladder was, after noticing it.  Maybe while I was asleep, or gone. I don’t know when it happened.

In any case, I’m sitting here, mourning a loss that should have been prevented and I really should get back to doing something productive.  Thanks for reading.