The Power of I Like You, Part Two, by Circe Denyer

How hard is it to say I like you? Harder than you think. It is because the words must be honest. You cannot say them and not mean those like you can with ‘I love you’. The person you say them to will expect to be told why this is true. They cannot stand alone. They must be backed up with the explanation why. They must mean something about the person they are told to. They have value because of what they mean.

Try it. Stand in front of the mirror. Tell the person you see there, “I like you”. Immediately you should hear something inside you saying, what do you like? OR some other truth.

Now, think about your own interaction with the people closest to you. Have you ever said these words to them? Have you ever heard them said to you?

Now, imagine someone significant saying those words in a meaningful tone to you. Do you feel the power, the significance of them?

For me, I wish these words were spoken more often, with sincerity and truth between friends and lovers. I wish the people who know them would share. I wish those who need them would receive.