Results from my show

The results from the craft show I participated in yesterday were less than satisfying.  I sold a total of 4 items, just to my friends. I sold no Christmas items.

The show itself was a disappointment for all the participants as well.  In spite of extensive promotion by everyone involved it seemed the only visitors were related in some way to the sellers.  The items for sale were a combination of hand made creations of all kinds and multiple versions of Christmas decor and gifts.  These were quality items, made by talented creators.  NO junk.

As the meager visitors arrived they wandered through the large room, often not stopping at any particular stand except that presented by their known person.  Most visitors were in and out within a manner of minutes without making any purchase.

The only item that seemed to be selling was the curly boa type scarves.  Of the 11 tables almost half had multiple versions of this scarf.  Other items were traditional, or different and unusual beautiful Christmas decor, distinctive jewelry and even one table of plants.

Much detailed preparation by all the vendors was done for this event.  In my case, and I’m sure it applied to all of us, I was up at 5:30am, loaded the car, with my daughter’s help, unloaded my many cartons at the site and spent the next 2 hours setting up the table and arranging all the items to show their best features.  All for nothing.

The items that were for sale at each table deserved more than a fast walk by and out.  They were made with loving hands and deserved a loving new home.

My days of sales of this type are over.