How do you safely discard an old computer?


What do you do with computer discards?

  1. You can put them in the garage or closet.
  2. You can hand them down to a relative that doesn’t mind inheriting your old slow drive.
  3. You can donate them.
  4. You can e-waste them.

Some computers die a slow death and others are sudden death victims.  But, the reality is the one part of a computer that never dies unless it is KILLED is the data stored inside.  That is why option one is the only safe way to be sure your data is not resurrected without your permission.  Now that is also true for cell phones and iPads.  Phone data is easily wiped from a device by using the phone’s built in factory reset feature.

Computers must have the data wiped with software or crushed physically.  Have a dead device?  Call for wiping service at PCTechsOnline, 661-347-0052 or

Circe is my daughter and I highly recommend this service she provides for your protection.  The above article appeared in a community newspaper, Tidbits of Santa Clarita Valley, on page 3 of Issue 19, Vol 11 (310)800-8337.  You can view the issue at  It’s a great newspaper with lots of interesting articles.