I have just posted some very different items on my Etsy site.  I usually list jewelry that I have made, or recovered from others who just wanted to get rid of them.  I can usually use a single jewel and make something attractive and wearable from it.  But this time I discovered a treasure trove in my own storage room.  I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember just so that I would have something to match an outfit.  I would take a blouse or T-shirt to the bead shop and pick out beads to match it.  I have been collecting beads and old jewelry items for years.


Now that I have grown older I am attempting to dispose of the things I no longer need or want.    Etsy gives me the opportunity to sell things, get a little extra money and create needed space in my small home.  The other day I found among my “treasures” 5 beaded collars and a sequined cap dating from the 1920’s.  The cap was made for a friend of my mother’s who was a professional ice skater.  When she retired she gave my mother several items including the cap and a bag of black sequins.  The cap is still in fairly good condition.  You can see what it looks like on my etsy site at

After all these years I still haven’t found a use for the sequins.


I made the collars.  They are listed on my etsy shop as well.  I made these in the 1950’s.  My husband frequently had to attend fancy dinners and these collars gave a festive look to the dress I wore. We didn’t have a lot of money so I could attend looking my best with a conversation item.


Now I think that retro is in and maybe someone will find them interesting and unusual.  I haven’t seen anything like them anywhere.