Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Experts

In August, 2011 I closed out a small Stock account and purchased 3 gold coins.  I had been advised that the stock market was going down drastically and gold was going up in proportion.  The “experts” predicted a rise to $2000 per ounce by the end of 2012.  That sounded like pretty good advice.  The price of gold has steadily gone up since the price was held at $35 per ounce.

I was able to purchase 3 gold coins, ¼ ounce each, for a total of $1,556.25.  Each coin cost $518.75.  I figured that the price of gold would have to reach $2,075 per ounce for me to break even.  It is now nearly the end of 2012 and the price of gold today is $1,694 per ounce.  It goes up a little and down a little every day.  The highest it has been was in September of 2011 at $1,890.  The lowest it has been was $1,539 in May, 2012.  At today’s price I have lost $285.75.   So much for the experts.  I should have kept the money in the stock market.  I am not planning to sell these coins.  They will be gifts to my 3 children after my death.  But I believed the “experts”.

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s New Year’s resolution time.  I almost never make New Year’s Resolutions.    I make resolutions throughout the year and try to keep them.   But this year I will use this journal to let you in on a few of the things I need to do and hope to complete.  Maybe putting it in print will inspire me.

Get rid of the clutter

Clean out email box, 4000+ is too many

Donate stuff to needy


Will I do it?  Maybe some of it.  I have good intentions.  Even though it’s just a date on the calender it becomes a new beginning.  We toss the old calendar along with the old year and hang up the new one.   It’s an opportunity to look at where we are, and where we want to be.  We are ever hopeful that the new year will bring new opportunities, new chances to do better, and hopefully new energy to bring about those changes we dream of.   Wish me luck.