The Joys of Cleaning House

When I moved from my townhouse, with three bedrooms, into my mobile home I lost a bedroom.  One of the bedrooms in the townhouse was my work room and storage.  I had to find storage in the second bedroom of the mobile home.  The space above the closet was perfect. I was able to put containers up there to store materials as well as finished items that could be sold or given as gifts.

That worked out well for the first few years.  Then as I got a little older and less inclined to do some of the things I used to do, I lost a little eyesight and frankly, interest, and they just remained there.

My current project is to eliminate all the things I no longer need or use. That means going through every room in my house.  Today I asked my daughter to take down the boxes from the shelf over the closet.  I hadn’t looked in those boxes for longer than I would like to admit. They were high enough that I didn’t want to risk climbing on a ladder.  My daughter is very capable and helpful with this part of my life.

What a surprise awaited me!  I found items I had completely forgotten that I had. There were materials and instructions for ironing pictures onto cloth.  That was fun, but I never made use of it. I found another box with the material upon which to stitch crosswork designs. (I have lots of yarn to do this.)

One big bag contained a finished crocheted coat.  I tried it on and it fit. Now I don’t know what to do with that.

But the shocker was a box containing three, 3! afghans.

Last summer I spent several months making three new afghans for my teenage grand-daughters who live near Seattle.  I hardly ever see them, but their mother sends me pictures.  I have given afghans to most of my relatives and some friends, but I hadn’t made any for these three girls.  So, I found patterns I liked, went out and bought new yarn, and spent the entire summer making three new afghans, one for each of them as a wedding gift.  I don’t expect to be able to travel to Seattle for their weddings.  In fact, chances are, I won’t even be alive then.  But I wanted them to have something that I created just for them as I did all the other family members.

My son took the afghans and put them away to be given to each of them at the time of their weddings.   I am happy that they will have a special gift from their grandmother.

But… What do I do with the three afghans that I just found up on the shelf? They are fine. They would have made nice gifts, but I forgot that they were there.  I have another set of grandchildren who could be given two of the afghans, but that’s it. I will still have a beautiful handmade afghan that needs a home.  Any ideas?

A few years ago I tried to sell a lovely baby afghan online, but without success.  I still have it.  So I am hesitant to list this one. I will be happy to consider any suggestions for this big item.