I just pinned some new things on my Pinterest site.  My genealogy board was empty because I couldn’t decide what to put there besides old pictures.  So I put up the pedigree charts for both my late husband and me.  Maybe one of my  viewers might see a familiar name and contact me.  Wish, wish, wish.  That would get me back into researching.  I did get a query from a lady last week asking about one of our mutual ancestors.  I went into my records and found lots of information to send her.  Also I have some pictures to send her that she wanted.  So I feel good about that.

Then, I pinned a board featuring necklaces that I have made.  There are quite a few of all kinds.  I have been busy making these and keep coming up with new designs.  I have ordered some beads that I can’t wait to get.

My Pinterest site has boards for all black jewelry, pearl jewelry and now necklaces and earrings.  I intend to make boards for  red items, green items, vintage items and a miscellaneous board.   I love Pinterest.  I get caught up with looking at other people’s boards.  It’s fascinating.   You should try it.

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