My Birthday Was Yesterday

I had a great birthday yesterday.  I reached a milestone!  I am 90!  So far, so good.  I had requested that my children not give me a party for the occasion.  So, my 3 grown children and 2 of my many grandchildren came bringing dinner, and helped me celebrate.  My son lives quite a distant away and since I don’t travel anymore I don’t see him very often.  We had time for a long chat. My youngest  is in the process of changing jobs and I hope that goes well for her.  She struggles for money and the acceptance of her abilities.  She is a very talented artist who has yet to be discovered. My oldest daughter is the one who takes care of me, and my computer.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  She has many diverse talents that I am able to take advantage of.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening and I’m looking forward to as many more as I am allotted.

Jewelry A’La Mode

Necklace-Bag1 (33)Welcome to my newest jewelry shop. It is full of beautiful necklaces that I have created. There is every color under the sun. (Note the sun motif on the shop front page.) The styles range from classic chokers to long strands that wind around your neck. Where else can you find just the right necklace in just the right color for that outfit you just bought?

Where else can you find a yellow necklace? Or a violet or purple one? How about magenta or navy blue? My shop has them all. You’ll find pearls, glass, acrylic, metal, rhinestones or polymer used to make unusual, original necklaces for casual or evening wear. One of a kind creations. No one else will ever have the same necklace because I never make the same one twice.

Shipping is fast and free with any sale over $10 and the necklaces are placed in an organza pouch for protection. (Shipping for items at $10 or less ship at USPS rate.) I do not charge for handling. Never will. Prices range from $1 to $50. (That $50 one is a vintage genuine topaz necklace and earring set.) Average price for most is $8-15.

When the seasons change you can change your accessory necklaces at bargain prices. You will find just what you’re looking for in the right color, style and price at www.//

My birthday present from my daughter

Click on this video of my Etsy shop – “Visit my shop Virtually”.  A beautiful, short, video of the diverse, beautiful, colorful necklaces I create in my studio.
Shows off the many types of pieces I have for sale at reasonable prices and free shipping in the US.  Join me on my birthday.  Enjoy!

Save on Jewelry with my Etsy shop 10% discount

As my October birthday approaches I would like you to help me celebrate it on Etsy.  For the balance of September and all of October I am offering a 10% discount on almost everything in my shop. The coupon code is LIBRA.  When you choose a payment option you will see a small note in blue below saying “Apply shop coupon code”.  Click on that and enter LIBRA there.  You will automatically receive a 10% discount on your purchase.  If you don’t receive a discount please let me know and I will refund it.  I hope all my fellow Libras take advantage of this offer.  Other astrological signs are welcome as well.

Happy Birthday!

Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday.   I don’t think it would be proper to reveal her age.  If your birthday is today here is your horoscope for the coming year.

“This year you greet many positive events.  You often can be found cocooning emotionally, holding your feelings in.   Others don’t always know how to relate to you. Take the lead and get past a semi-introverted stance.  Events often surprise you, pushing you into the limelight.  You are known for your flexibility.  If you are single, you might inadvertently choose someone who is emotionally unavailable.  Careful!  If you are attached, the two of you gain from weekends together without others.  Re-create your honeymoon.  CAPRICORN can be your best friend or your worst enemy.”

Happy Birthday to all the Aquarians out there who were born on Jan. 21!