The San Fernando Valley in California where I live experienced a blackout last night beginning at about 8:15.  All the power in my house went off as I was watching Jeopardy.  I have a flashlight nearby so I thought I was prepared.  But not for the annoyance and discomfort.  I have little lights plugged in, in both my living room and bedroom, to come on if the power goes off.   Neither came on.  I picked up my flashlight, made sure it was working and looked for a substitute light.  Nothing was available except candles.  I didn’t really want to use candles, but I had no other choice.  But then my matches seemed to disappear.  I could not find any. Just try to find something when it’s pitch dark.  Not very easy.

By now, it is too dark to see without the flashlight.  I found a second flashlight to carry just in case the batteries in the first went dead on me.

My phone was also not in service.

Thank goodness for my daughter, Circe, who takes care of me and my computer.  She had provided me with a back-up telephone that I could take when I go out so that if I had to call the auto club I would have a phone.  I also use it to call her since she lives out of my phone number area.

By now, it is pitch black dark in my house. I need the flashlight to go one step.  Every single appliance in my house requires an electric connection.  I cannot have even a cup of coffee.  And it’s too early to go to bed, too dark to read, and no computer or television.  I cannot read by the flashlight and I am bored, and annoyed.

Finally, after talking with my daughter and learning that the power outage is in a huge area, caused by a fire in a DWP facility, it is not going to be restored anytime soon, I decided to just go to bed.

Consequently, I woke up very early this morning.  I am going to search for matches, find them and put them in a place where I can see them and also try to figure out why the devices I had plugged in to give me light in an emergency didn’t work.

This was my first experience with a black-out, but it could happen again.  I need to be better prepared.

Dare to be Different

Are you looking for a necklace that is like no other?  How about one that is in a color or design that you have never seen on any other lady? Do you want your friends to ask you where you got it?  Well, look right here for a selection of unusual designed and colorful accessories.

Each of the individual necklaces shown here is an original design which takes advantage of the beads themselves.  I like to choose the beads I use for their color and/or the shape or distinction.

While making my creations I picture in my mind who might wear it, at work, or play or on an evening out.

These items were originally listed on my Etsy site and were discontinued when the listing ran out. I renewed them for your consideration. Search for dare2bd in my shop and you will find these pieces.

I am describing them here so that you can get an idea of the style and variety I have in my stock.  If you see one, or more, that you like, make a note of the item number and go to my Etsy shop in the discontinued section for a more precise description and picture.  They are all listed with the “dare2bd” item designation. Remember I offer free shipping to a US destination.

#6109 is 24” long and is made with 1/2” white beads in the form of knots and splashed with gold accents. $15.97 It is called “Uncommon white beads twist with gold knots necklace”

#7004 is 26” long with ½” black round beads separated by an assortment of silver beads. $18. It is called “Big, black and silver tone bead necklace”

#0421 is 23” Long with red and white alternating beads. $15.  It is called “Red and White color splashes necklace #2”

#3061 is 23” long with a variety of black and silver beads. $19 It is called “Dynamic Black necklace, handmade, stunning, big, bold”

#5010 is 23” long with ½” black beads decorated with violet flowers and separated by silver star beads. $18

#5428 is 25” long with flat oval 1” smoky beads in the center and ¼” smoky beads around to the back.

#9726 is 25” long with gold, flat, oval ¾ etched beads and 3/8” spacers. $12

#0754 is 33” long vintage with matte beige 1/4” beads & gold spacers with a drop cluster of tiny beads.  $34.97 called “Vintage pink necklace with chandelier pendant”

#4894 – 34” long with ½ black & ¼’ silver beads with gold splashes. $15

#4396 – 22” long, black 1/8” cubes & rhinestones spacers at 1” lengths. $15

#2563 – 25” long, dark matte blue 5/8” ovals with 1/8” shiny spacers. $22

#4813 – 19” clear blue glass ovals streaked with glitter. $24

#7008 – 48” pale peach ¼” beads with sparkling stars. $19.97

#3837 -25” Six black ¾” blocks with painted lavender flowers & seven 1/8” matching swirls, then black bicones to finish. $10.97

#9453 – 22” black oval pendant with carved white flower on a chain of 18” white pearls. $16.97 “Elegant pearl necklace with pendant”

#0355 – 22” with 1” carved beige pearly, satiny flowers. $27.97

#1676 – 25” with ¾” pink polymer painted circle in center & ¼” & ½” painted disks and ¼ “ pink beads. $19.95

#8527 – 41” vintage wood 1” barrels & tiny wood spacers, $10

#9918 – 44” crescent 1/8” pink beads with sparkling shiny dots. $15

#3178 – 20”  ¾” globes with leathery covers & assorted black beads. $24.97

#0139 – 23” Three 1” rings with painted flowers & bicone spacers. $13.97

#9546 – 23” Three striped turquoise 3/4” & four solid color center with seed beads to complete. $34.97

#5815 – 25”  Pink on beige ½” blocks and dusky pink 1/8” spacers. $18

Let me know if you find anything you like, or would like to see more.



New necklaces for your pleasure

magenta4Just listed—Seven new items in my Jewelry A’la Mode shop. A variety of pieces in royal blue, black, magenta, (now there’s a different color no one else will have), brown, violet, pale blue, (beautiful), and green, (something to wear on St. Patrick’s Day). Sale prices, shipped in an organza pouch, free shipping if purchase is over $10. What could be better? As of today there are 126 necklaces to choose from. Come visit my shop at I’d love to show you my original creations.


Capricorn – December 22-January 19

Capricorn is an Earth sign, so expect them to be down to earth. Capricorn will be your strong friend, they will always be there to help and expect nothing in return. They are excellent organizers and are very creative. They evaluate everything and don’t take daring chances without weighing all the advantages and disadvantages. Their most important need is security. Think of Capricorn colors as neutral and earthy tones such as black, grey, violet, and dark brown.
My etsy shop at has many choices in these colors. And my new shop,, has a feature which allows you to sort and display items in the colors you are seeking just by clicking on a tag.

Hello Capricorns

This month we are featuring the colors of Capricorn, an earth sign, from Dec. 22- Jan 19

Capricorn has many sides, takes an interest in everything, is mysterious and deep, very strong.  As you would expect from Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, its colors represent power that consolidates and sets boundaries.  Just as Capricorn is associated with limitations, so, too, do black, dark grey, and brown denote enclosing.   Choose carefully these hues.  Think of neutral and earthy shades, black, gray, violet, dark brown.

You can find the jewelry associated with the sign of Capricorn in my jewelry shop at  That takes you to the site where the listings are.  Or, to see just your color in jewelry, you can click on “Sections” on the left and then choose the Astrological listings.  All my jewelry is handmade, original, and with free shipping in the US.  Come take a look. Capricorn has many sides, takes an interest in everything, is mysterious and deep, very strong.

New Page with 30% Off Original Etsy Jewelry Price

JUST CREATED!!  A new Page with numerous items at 30% discount from original pricing.  All items are unusual, original designs, handcrafted, one of a kind, colorful, and would make great gifts.  Purchasing is easy.  Just complete the email form with the item number you like.  Ask any question.   I will respond as soon as I can.  No obligation for asking questions.  But prices are non-negotiable.  Shipping is prompt.  Payment is through PayPal.

Mosey on over, can’t hurt.  You’ll find the new Page on the list to the right beginning with “Bargains…”.   Take a look, you might have missed just the right piece for that new outfit.  And should you not find what you are looking for, email me at  I have lots more and should be able to find just what you want.  I will be adding more items as they become available, so come back often.

Have Fun With This Cute Hat

New on Etsy at

Cute as a button colorful crocheted hat for the young at heart. You can change the flowers on the hat to have a different hat every day! Vibrant multi colored flowers about 2-1/2” in diameter are easily attached to the hat with buttons on the back that pass through spaces between the crocheted stitches. Depending on the number of flowers you want on your hat you have a choice of flowers to attach according to your mood, the outfit you are wearing, your sports team, your favorite colors, or whatever suits your fancy. Changing flower colors is quick and easy and the flowers are secure.

Two white hats and two black hats are now available.

To purchase your hat choose one in either white or black . Then select, at no extra charge, up to 4 flowers from the picture on the Etsy listing showing the available colors in alphabetical order. Please be advised that some colors are available in very limited quantities and will disappear from the list when sold out, to be replaced at a later date. If you should desire your flowers to be all of one color please contact MizMlu at mdenyer [!at] for availability and extra time needed for delivery.

If you want more than 4 flowers for your hat you can purchase them from the list at 3 for $1.00 as long as available.

The hats pictured on the Etsy listing are shown as examples and are for display only.

Hats are crocheted with 100% acrylic CARON Simply Soft yarn in a smoke free environment.

NOTE: This hat is no longer available on Etsy.  Contact me for special order.

See many other original, unusual, colorful items at


Black is elegant Showcase

Click here

This morning I updated the page, MizMlu’s Etsy Store Showcase, to feature a few of my favorite items.  I would be very pleased if you would take a few minutes to see what I like and hope that you will as well.  Just go to the Pages section and click on MizMlu’s Etsy Store Showcase.  Then take a look at my store.  I add new items frequently, so you need to stay in touch in order to find just the right piece to suit your taste.  My store is at

Black Necklace

Black carved stone beads 3/4″ reflect light and shimmer.  Alternate with 6mm black faceted beads and silver tone spacers.  Necklace is 21″ long with easy toggle fastener.  Handmade, unusual and distinctive.




Black earrings

Very shiny double drop beads with silver spacers and connected with a silver tone tie.  Earrings are 2″ long from ear.  Handmade, one-of-a-kind.

Black dangle necklace



Jet black 8mm diamond faceted beads with gold glass bead spacers.  Dangles in center of necklace are gold tone 5/8″ carved roses on either side of a 1/2″ jet black bead.  Necklace is 16″ long with an extended 2″ chain fastening.




Silver and black necklace

Distinctive, one-of-a-kind silver and black beads make an elegant statement.  1/4″ flat black beads alternate with 2 different designed silver motifs and glass beads.  Necklace is 20″ long with O ring clasp.



The Black Necklace

You all know that I am a member of Etsy where I sell vintage items and handmade jewelry.  I was wearing a necklace a couple of weeks ago that I had made and got several comments on it.  One of the ladies asked if I could make her a necklace to go with her usual black and white outfits.  I said, “Sure, no problem.”  Little did I know, never having made a custom item for anyone.  But what the heck, why not try?  So I found some black beads that I thought would suit her and some silver beads to use as spacers.


When I got home I planned how I was going to put them together and made up 3 samples.  I then scanned them and sent her a picture asking her to choose 1 of the 3.  She responded with, “Do whatever you think is OK”.  That was not the answer I needed.  I wanted it to be exactly what she had in mind, so I asked again for her to pick the one she liked the best and this time she chose one.


It took me several hours to get it strung together to my satisfaction and what I hoped would please her.  Then I had to set a price.  That’s very difficult for me.  In my Etsy store I am fairly familiar with the pricing and the value of the items I sell.  But this was different.  This piece was for an elderly lady, a friend, and I didn’t want to overcharge her, but I wanted to be paid for my costs and labor, so I suggested $15.  She responded by saying that wasn’t enough and offered $25.  I was shocked.  $25!  So to ease my conscience and still get paid for my efforts I split the difference and charged her $20.


Last Saturday I gave her the necklace and put it on for her.   She was thrilled with it.  We are part of a small group which meets once a month and everyone was excited and delighted with her necklace.   My granddaughter saw it before I gave it to my friend and asked me if I would make one for her.  I did and she is very happy with it.  I would rather not make custom jewelry, but I am glad that I did this one.   I hope I don’t have to do this again, but I learned a lot and could do it if I had to.