New Feature on my Blog

I hope you are enjoying the pictures I have recently added to my blog, Thought For The Day .  My daughter recommended that I do this and gave me a site that had pictures I could use.  The site is and is free. This site has more than 30,000 pictures to choose from covering all topics you could imagine and many you wouldn’t even have thought of.

I spent several minutes yesterday choosing pics I liked and saving them for future use.  I requested the subject, “people” and got more than 30,000 pictures to choose from for my blog. I’m having fun with this.  It gives my blog a personality and expands my choice of topics.

So if you have a site you want to promote check out  You’ll be amazed at the variety.

Thought for the Day

Hi folks, I’m back. Just spent a month out of commission due to a gall bladder removal and a femor fracture from a fall. Spent several days in the hospital and then 15 days in a rehab facility for therapy. No way to communicate with you. I am recovering at home and hope to get back to my readers of this blog and other activities I enjoy.

Just to let you see I’m back, here’s a Thought for the Day:
“If you are tired, keep going; if you are scared, keep going; if you are hungry, keep going…” Harriet Tubman, American abolitionist


I have been a casual follower of Astrology for as long as I can remember. I learned early in life that I was a Libra and investigated the characteristics of that sign as I grew up. I liked what I found. It seemed to fit my thoughts, feelings and actions. I now had a reason for my behavior. I could blame my activities on something other than just “I felt like it.”

As I grew older I researched the Zodiak signs of my friends and family . What a revelation! “So that is why she did that.” Lots of things made sense instead of confusion. I accepted my friends for who they were. Their personalities were bound, in some ways, by their astrological sign.
It also made sense to me when it came to the friends I was attracted to, or others who “turned me off”.

My blog requires that I investigate the 12 signs and their features each month. I enjoy the research. I do not seek out the signs of my current friends. I take them as they are, but sometimes I wonder why they do what they do, or don’t do.

This month’s sign is Sagittarius and I found it fascinating. I don’t know if any of my friends were born under this sign and I don’t care. It’s not a factor in the friendship.

Maybe you will find the characteristics of your sign in my blog during the year. I hope that you will enjoy the jewelry I have chosen from my collection that is right for your sign. Who knows, you might become curious about the sign you were born under and want to know more. Your computer is filled with Zodiak information. Have fun with it. But don’t take it too seriously.

A new look for my blog

My blog has been up for about 2 years and I am pleased with the responses but I thought it might be time for a new look. My daughter came by last night and together we came up with the format you now see. Green is my favorite color and this page is light and cool. I like it.

I will be posting new items on a regular basis as before, but will be adding Adsense ads on the right side of the page for products I like and approve. If you like them as well and click on them I will receive a small compensation. Some of the ads will be for items that I have commented on in earlier articles on my blog so you should be familiar with them. There is no pressure for a purchase so you don’t have to be concerned about that. A click does not imply anything except a look-see.

I hope that you will continue to read my thoughts for the day and the other things that I find interesting and want to share with you. I enjoy this activity and plan to continue as long as possible.

New page

Just added a new page to my blog this morning.  It is a copy of the poem, Desiderata, by an American poet, Max Ehrman, written in 1927.  It has been mistakenly assumed to have been written in 1692.  The poem was found in Old Saint Paul’s Church in Baltimore.  The misinformation states: “Dated 1692”.  That, however, was the date of the founding of the Church, not the poem.

I thought it would be appropriate to post it here.  It’s been a long time since the poem was popular.  The thoughts of the poet are valid and worthy of attention now more than ever.

Pinterest – New fun site

Just recently I opened a new site called  It is like a blog, a place where you can upload things you want to share with others about yourself.


The site is made up of “boards” that you create and give a name such as family, pets, things you like, etc., all with photos that appeal to you.  It is up to you to create a board that you want to share with others.  Mine are, right now, Family, Genealogy, Things I Like and my Etsy shop items.  I haven’t finished it because I haven’t put anything in the genealogy board and I would like to have more boards.  I have searched other people’s Pinterest sites and there is a huge variety of themes that can be used.


You put things in the boards by uploading pictures.  That is very easy, although I haven’t figured out how to upload pictures from Facebook.  Also you have to be careful loading pictures because Pinterest has the right to use any of your pictures and sell them without your permission if they desire.


It’s kind of a fun thing to do especially if you want to promote something.  And it’s a way to share photos of your family in one place.  Take a look at mine at

Great new blog

As mentioned before I love to browse the web and this morning I found another blog that I think you would agree is worth a look-see.    It is  The blog is written by Greg and Ashley Brown who live on the outskirts of Richmond, VA.  They talk about renovating, decorating and living in their first house, actually the 7th house from the left.

What I found most interesting and helpful on the HOME page was unusual uses for ordinary items like coffee filters, dryer sheets, marshmallows, clear nail polish, and toothpaste.  I was amazed at the multiple uses for these items that most of us have on hand.  Maybe not marshmallows.   The article was written by Ashley and covered all sorts of conditions, like carpet stains, stuck food on pans, resetting jewelry, repelling insects and lots, lots more.   Ashley doesn’t say where she found the uses, but I’ll bet some of them came from their families.

They look like a cute young couple in their first house and I think they would love to know their blog is being read.

Two blogs you should read

I love to browse the web.  I will read something and wonder what it means or where to find something I want to buy and get the best deal, or sometimes something just pops into my head and I want to know all there is to know about it.  So I spend some of my valuable time doing unnecessary research, but always find something or someone who intrigues me.   This morning I found two.


If you have read my blog you know that my oldest daughter with the ancient name of Circe is a computer genius.  I know about most of her activities but until this morning I didn’t know she had a blog.  I found it and read it.  I highly recommend that you read it too.  She willingly offers free advice on computer problems such as “Why didn’t the person get the email I sent?”  Or, the best way to set up a domain name, and many other problems people have with their computer.  You can read her blog at


The other person I found is Neil Patel.  He too is a computer guru and has 140,000 followers, probably because he addresses blogging problems of every nature.  I found his web page very informative and I believe he has a large following because he is a professional and his advice can be trusted.  He taught himself through his many failures how to succeed.  He offers advice and solutions freely.  You’ll find him at


I think you’ll find that these two professionals have the answer to any problem you may have with your computer.

You’re going to love my daughter

My eldest daughter is an exceptional woman.  She has created at least 2 jobs on her own to make a living.  She consults, advises, repairs and teaches everything you would ever want on your computer.  She has 20 years experience in this and now has made it her occupation.  Her other job is taking care of people who need a ride, temporary care, errands done, practically anything.  These two jobs alone take up most of her time, but when she isn’t busy she writes.

She is in the process of composing a book which will answer any question anyone could ever have about computers.   She also does articles for publication  in regional small papers or world wide article publishers.

Then, she always makes time for me.  I frequently have problems such as my  computer misbehaving, a doctor’s appointment, changing my clock when the time changes or the electricity goes out, whatever I need, whenever I need it.  She will drop everything to help me.  She charges other people to do this, but I get it free.  Lucky me to have her.

If you would like to have her help you and you are in her area you can reach her at 888-347-0052 or click on her link from my blog,