Sell those vintage items

Do you have any of those old vintage items hanging around your house just taking up valuable space? Have you considered selling them? Did you try Ebay unsuccessfully? I did. Then I found Etsy. Etsy is a world wide marketplace for new handmade pieces and Vintage jewelry, household items, and many other treasures. You can get cash for these items through Etsy. It’s easy to open a shop, post pictures of your pieces, set a price and Voila! You’re an Etsy shop owner. And you’ve cleared out your home so that you can buy more.

There is a new 51 page book created by 2 Etsy shop owners telling you exactly how to do just that. It’s called, “Be an Etsy Store Owner” and it’s available now on Amazon at for only $9.99.

This amazing document takes you through each step of creating your very own shop with detailed instructions and explanations. No other publication is as complete as this one.
It costs nothing to open a new shop and only pennies to list an item for sale. Your item is on sale for 4 months and if it doesn’t sell you can renew it for another $.20 and 4 more months.

Try it. You might be surprised at the results.

Be an Etsy Shop Owner!

Are you a passionate artisan who believes your handmade items could be sold but don’t know how?  My daughter, JP, and I have written an easy to follow step by step 51 page book to lead you through the process of opening an online shop on a site called Etsy. is the fastest growing craft sellers marketplace WORLD WIDE!  You can be part of it with our instructions and business tips not found in any of  the Etsy books out there now.  We lead you through each step with detailed  instructions.   Everything is covered and explained.  Both of us are Etsy shop owners and have encountered problems along the way that we share with you so that you are aware and can avoid or resolve them.

There is no bidding as on Ebay.   You make an item, take a photo of it, and list it for sale.  Following our instructions, we show you how to place your item for sale and collect your money when someone buys it.

A Spanish language version will be available soon.

You can buy our book now on Amazon for $9.99 using this link: 

OR contact me at and pay with your card through PayPal and I will send you a pdf copy.   (California residents only $10.90).

You won’t be disappointed, you’ll be a business owner selling your great crafts, vintage items or supplies through your very own Etsy store!

Is Your Teenager Ready To Leave Home?

Do you have a teenager in your house?   If the answer is yes, is he or she truly and fully prepared for living on his or her own and dealing with the financial situations with which they will be faced?  Think about it.  Does he already have a credit card?  Does he really understand how to use it wisely?  Is he living far away from you so that you can’t monitor his decisions?  All of these questions are only a part of what you and your teenager need to have answers for BEFORE he leaves home.  Do you know all the answers?

I have addressed all of the above questions as well as much more in my recent Kindle book, “My Money”, available on  It is not expensive.  I priced it to be affordable for most parents as well as their teenagers.

Some of the topics covered for teenagers are:  What do you need for a place of your own, what information is required when hired, how to manage your income, what is Social Security and how it affects you, the Federal Income Tax, savings and why that is important,  budgeting and more, including retirement.  Yes, retirement is in your future and why it should be planned for in the present is necessary and wise.  Telephone numbers and/or online sites are provided for many Government services.

This little book is a guide line for every teenager, and their parents, to read before they leave home.  It makes for a helpful discussion between parents and children and you parents may even learn something you didn’t know.



Thought for the Day

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too!

Sorry I haven’t posted more Thoughts for the Day.  I have been very busy.  I have created several new jewelry pieces to post on my Etsy site when I can get photos taken and I have become a Kindle author!  I wrote a book on the power of money and how to handle it effectively.  My daughter helped me with the publication because it required very specific editing to fit into Kindle’s format.  But it’s now on Amazon and although it begins with things that young adults need to know and are not always taught it covers many subjects that almost everyone can benefit from.  I hope that it is received with pleasure.  You can read more about it here in the Pages section.

A Night to Remember

Last night I had a delightful evening with good friends.  My daughter, Circe, and I visited with Linnaea and Bruce Mallette.  Linnaea served a delicious dinner, of course, but the special event was a showing of “Gone With The Wind” on their ginormous wall TV.  It was just like seeing the movie in a theatre.


I had read Margaret Mitchell’s book and seen the movie twice, but long, long ago and only remembered certain scenes.  It brought tears to my eyes to see those beautiful and talented actors once again.  The movie was a masterpiece for David Selznick who spared no expense to achieve the affect he desired.  His attention to detail was exquisite.  If there were 1000s of dead soldiers lying on a battlefield, they were real people.  Extras, of course, but paid men and not computer generated.  And the costumes!  Oh my, the costumes!  They made me appreciate the wardrobe department for their enormous effort in design and production of the quantity, and quality of elegant gowns. Authenticity right down to their petticoats.


Mr. Selznick did not skimp on the scenery either.   If you are not from the South or have never been there this movie showed you what it is like, then and now.  Every scene was perfectly displayed.  He captured the essence of that period and the tragedy that was the Civil War as told by Ms.Mitchell.


This is a very long movie with an intermission.  Linnaea treated us to a splendid dinner while we enjoyed the intermission.  All in all, it was one of the best evenings I’ve had in a long, long time and I am indeed fortunate to have friends like Linnaea and Bruce Mallette.

Important Genealogy tip

Today’s message is for those of you who are beginning the search for your ancestors.


One important thing you must not forget to do.  When you find information or are listing what you know, make a note of where it came from.  If it’s from a book copy the title page, from a film enter the film #, from a relative, make note of the name, from an online reference, note the source.  And include the date that you got the info.  I didn’t do this when I started and later on had to try to find the source, and sometimes couldn’t.   Trust me, sometime down the road you will have to prove your information, so the source becomes important.  It only takes a second or two and you will be glad you did it.


I want everyone to enjoy the satisfaction, wonder, delight, frustration and addiction that I have.  So get started and join the addicts.


Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.  If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it for you.  Everyone helps everyone else.  So, don’t be shy.  And check out my CD for beginning genealogists.  It has valuable information you won’t find elsewhere.

Happy hunting.



Are you ever at a loss for words?

Have you ever agonized about what to say for a special message to someone?  Well, I have the answer.  It’s in a book I found a while ago and it has choice words, phrases, sentences & paragraphs for every situation.  It gives examples for apologies, appreciation, complaints, disagreement, get well letters, refusals, (we could all use that once in a while,) and many, many others.  The author of this extraordinary book is Rosalie Maggio and was published in 1990 but the advice is timely and appropriate.


If you are at a loss for words, email me at and I will send you an example, or more, that you can use.   Ms. Maggio has an answer for everything, including “How to say it, What not to say”, tips on writing, phrases, words, even special situations.


I love this book.  I wish I had had it a long time ago.