Vintage collectible

I just ran across one of my listings on Etsy and thought I should share it with you.  It is an antique thimble that belonged to my grandmother.  She was a very accomplished seamstress and worked at Cecil B. DeMille’s studio in Hollywood in the 1920’s.  The thimble is size 12 and is in very good condition.  It is for sale in my Etsy store and I no longer sew so I think it would be a great addition to someone’s collection.  You can see it at as well as other vintage items and handcrafted jewelry of all types and colors.  I am offering a 10% coupon code LIBRA discount on most items in the month of October as well as free shipping in the US.  Take a look at what’s available.

Speaking of the 1920’s I have a hand made sequin decorated cap for sale that belonged to a professional ice skater of that era.    She gave the cap to my mother when she retired and my mother gave it to me several years ago.  It can be worn but is best for decor.   I’d like to see it have a happy home.


I have just posted some very different items on my Etsy site.  I usually list jewelry that I have made, or recovered from others who just wanted to get rid of them.  I can usually use a single jewel and make something attractive and wearable from it.  But this time I discovered a treasure trove in my own storage room.  I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember just so that I would have something to match an outfit.  I would take a blouse or T-shirt to the bead shop and pick out beads to match it.  I have been collecting beads and old jewelry items for years.


Now that I have grown older I am attempting to dispose of the things I no longer need or want.    Etsy gives me the opportunity to sell things, get a little extra money and create needed space in my small home.  The other day I found among my “treasures” 5 beaded collars and a sequined cap dating from the 1920’s.  The cap was made for a friend of my mother’s who was a professional ice skater.  When she retired she gave my mother several items including the cap and a bag of black sequins.  The cap is still in fairly good condition.  You can see what it looks like on my etsy site at

After all these years I still haven’t found a use for the sequins.


I made the collars.  They are listed on my etsy shop as well.  I made these in the 1950’s.  My husband frequently had to attend fancy dinners and these collars gave a festive look to the dress I wore. We didn’t have a lot of money so I could attend looking my best with a conversation item.


Now I think that retro is in and maybe someone will find them interesting and unusual.  I haven’t seen anything like them anywhere.