Crater Lake and my Honeymoon

My daughter, Circe, is currently in Oregon, with her friend, Linnaea, visiting friends.  (We live in California, in case you didn’t know.)  When Circe told me that she was going to see Crater Lake while there it instantly took me back to my honeymoon, 69 years ago.  That was the destination my new husband and I planned to drive up to Oregon to see.

My husband Jim, had a very curious mind.  This was before the days when everyone has a computer.  To give you an example of his personality, our first major purchase was the entire set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, all 25 volumes.  Circe has inherited that curiosity and it is reflected in her life.  She has multiple computers and services other people’s computers as a profession.  She is currently into photography and travels all over Southern California taking pictures.

But to get back to my Honeymoon, in August, 1947, we had planned on driving, (?) to Oregon to see Crater Lake.  I don’t remember why he wanted to see that crater, but Jim’s curiousity had many forms.  For instance, he was fascinated with the Greek myths, and our middle child, Circe, was given that name instead of something more common.  Jim wanted to know about everything.  He would have loved the possibilities of having a computer.  Unfortunately he died of a heart attack at the age of 46, in 1972, before he could take advantage of owning a computer.

We were married on August 14, by the same minister who married my parents, and left on our Honeymoon that afternoon.   We spent our first night at the Miramar hotel in Santa Barbara, and planned to drive straight through to Oregon.  But when we reached San Francisco, a few stops later, Jim realized that Las Vegas was just East of there, over the mountains.  And that was where we spent the balance of our honeymoon.

He never got to see Crater Lake, and, of course, neither have I.  But his daughter is seeing it as I am writing this, and I will be getting pictures of it when she returns.  I had completely forgotten the Honeymoon trip and the stops we made along the way.  But when Circe told me her destination, I was immediately thrown back to those wonderful days and the wonderful man I loved and married and enjoyed for 25 years.

Libra jewelry

LIBRA –the air sign -September 24-October 23
Libras are generous and friendly and tend to compromise for the sake of peace.
Libra’s strength is in their grace, idealism, diplomacy, hospitality and balance. Their weakness appears as vanity, indecision and unreliability. They are happiest when there is balance in their lives. They like to be around other people and appreciate posh surroundings.
Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. They cannot abide unfair situations.
Their sign is the balance scale. The colors associated with Libras are Royal blue, rose-pink, amethyst, violet and pastels. You’ll find jewelry in those colors in my Etsy shop under “sections”, Libra. Go to

Note: I apologize for not listing notes relating to Virgo. My computer, which was old, died. I was without a computer for a month during which time I was unable to post my monthly Astrological info. I’m sorry.

I’m BACK!!!!

I want to apologize for the delay in putting up the Virgo Zodiak sign information last month. My computer has been out of service for 4 weeks! I just now got it back and hope that the inconvenience will not discourage you from reading my blog or checking out my Etsy shop. To help make the return to normal more attractive I will be offering a 10% discount to all Mizmlu’s shop purchasers for the rest of the month of September. Just click on the coupon VIRGO10 to receive the discount. In case you don’t have the link it is

I am as happy as a clam to have my computer up and running again and hope to see all of you join me. I missed you.

Managing Your Passwords & Keeping Them Safe

Education is the best protection against computer infection.

My very talented daughter, Circe, has just created a handy book in which you can keep your computer site passwords. The title is “ Keys to the Door” and there are 2 sizes. One is letter size, 8-1/2”x11” and the other is 6”x9” titled “Handy Keys to the Door”. Both books contain the same information and are easy to use and keep safe.

These books were created as a companion to those who understand the importance of computer security. 17 pages in the larger book have several lines and spaces for the date, e-mail or website, user name and password. She recommends you write in pencil so changes can be made easily. Spaces are also available in which to write the answers to your security questions.

The book she gave me is beginning to be filled up. I can now dispose of the bits of paper and scribbled notes I can hardly read, much less find, and locate my password book in seconds. I entered my passwords alphabetically so it is easy to find the site I want. I put 2 letters, more or less, on each page. If you prefer you could enter yours by subject matter. The choice is up to you.

Circe is well qualified to produce these books. She is an experienced computer security advocate as well as a speaker on this subject and other computer information. Her membership in Toastmasters allows her to educate her audience on many subjects. Her speaking biography can be seen on the Qualified Speakers of District 52, Toastmasters website: http://district The website for her computer security information is

NEWLY PUBLISHED! Password Keeper books. On Amazon

My Daughter’s Latest Endeavor

Today I’ve added to my Etsy shop 6 pieces of jewelry that were made by my daughter, Circe. This is the daughter who is a computer guru and writer and my helper, advisor and support.  She can log into my computer to see that I am up and active, or out doing chores.  This way she knows that I am OK.   If my computer is on, but I am not using it she watches and if she is concerned she will call me.  This is like having a paid support system hanging around my neck that would cost several $$$ a month.

A few months ago she surprised me by getting involved with making jewelry.  Her style is completely different than mine so that when I post her pieces on my Etsy site they are directed toward people who want something totally different.  If you take a look at my Etsy site you will immediately see which ones are her pieces because they are so different.  My etsy shop is at  Right now the first 6 items on my list are hers.  That will change as I add items of my own.

You just might find something you like.


How do you safely discard an old computer?


What do you do with computer discards?

  1. You can put them in the garage or closet.
  2. You can hand them down to a relative that doesn’t mind inheriting your old slow drive.
  3. You can donate them.
  4. You can e-waste them.

Some computers die a slow death and others are sudden death victims.  But, the reality is the one part of a computer that never dies unless it is KILLED is the data stored inside.  That is why option one is the only safe way to be sure your data is not resurrected without your permission.  Now that is also true for cell phones and iPads.  Phone data is easily wiped from a device by using the phone’s built in factory reset feature.

Computers must have the data wiped with software or crushed physically.  Have a dead device?  Call for wiping service at PCTechsOnline, 661-347-0052 or

Circe is my daughter and I highly recommend this service she provides for your protection.  The above article appeared in a community newspaper, Tidbits of Santa Clarita Valley, on page 3 of Issue 19, Vol 11 (310)800-8337.  You can view the issue at  It’s a great newspaper with lots of interesting articles.