One old age problem solved? How not to lose my cane.

I have more than one of the many problems of old age. I am forgetful and I often find a solution after I need it instead of before. Case in point:

Last week I had to get my hearing aids adjusted because I couldn’t hear any conversation across a table. The doctor’s office is several miles from my home. (She moved from a convenient office to one much further away.) Since I had to go right past two stores that I needed to visit I decided to stop on the way home.

The first one was JoAnn’s, where I bought some yarn for the afghans I am currently working on.
The second place was Farmer John’s to pick up some pastries for the group I was going to host the next day. It was my turn to have 9 ladies at my house to play cards. As it was late afternoon, the parking lot at Farmer John’s was filled. I had to park quite a ways from the store so I decided to take my cane for support. I got the goodies and checked out. But I didn’t have a bag so I took the cart back to my car, put the pastries in the trunk and drove off, leaving my cane hanging on the cart. I was almost home when I realized what I had done. Too late to go back and I was tired.  Anyway I thought someone might have just taken it.  So I thought it was probably lost.

Both of my daughters told me to call the store. Maybe they picked up the cane when they collected the carts from the parking lot. But I was busy with the card group and didn’t call them. I just felt stupid. But then I thought, why not? The worst news would be they don’t have it. So I called, and it was in their office.

I picked it up the next day and I now have a little sticky, “CANE”, on my dashboard. I cannot drive away unless my cane is on the front seat of my car and I can see it.

Why do I find a solution after I need it instead of before?

Managing Your Passwords & Keeping Them Safe

Education is the best protection against computer infection.

My very talented daughter, Circe, has just created a handy book in which you can keep your computer site passwords. The title is “ Keys to the Door” and there are 2 sizes. One is letter size, 8-1/2”x11” and the other is 6”x9” titled “Handy Keys to the Door”. Both books contain the same information and are easy to use and keep safe.

These books were created as a companion to those who understand the importance of computer security. 17 pages in the larger book have several lines and spaces for the date, e-mail or website, user name and password. She recommends you write in pencil so changes can be made easily. Spaces are also available in which to write the answers to your security questions.

The book she gave me is beginning to be filled up. I can now dispose of the bits of paper and scribbled notes I can hardly read, much less find, and locate my password book in seconds. I entered my passwords alphabetically so it is easy to find the site I want. I put 2 letters, more or less, on each page. If you prefer you could enter yours by subject matter. The choice is up to you.

Circe is well qualified to produce these books. She is an experienced computer security advocate as well as a speaker on this subject and other computer information. Her membership in Toastmasters allows her to educate her audience on many subjects. Her speaking biography can be seen on the Qualified Speakers of District 52, Toastmasters website: http://district The website for her computer security information is

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