Hooked on PIXABAY

social-1206610_640I am totally hooked on pixabay.  I just spent about an hour collecting and saving pictures to use on my blog.  A couple of weeks ago I started to put a picture with each of my postings for your pleasure.  Some are related to the posting and others are not, but they are all different and all are from pixabay. I found so many on the listing I found today that caught my eye I’m going to be adding pictures for weeks, if not forever.  If you need pictures of any kind check out pixabay.com.  You’ll find pictures of food, flowers, animals, people, mountains, bugs, cartoons, and many, many more choices.  You just enter the type of picture you want and up it comes. Or you can choose from the selection they list.  The pictures are free, no charge, no ads.  It is absolutely fantastic.  Try it!