Pinterest – New fun site

Just recently I opened a new site called  It is like a blog, a place where you can upload things you want to share with others about yourself.


The site is made up of “boards” that you create and give a name such as family, pets, things you like, etc., all with photos that appeal to you.  It is up to you to create a board that you want to share with others.  Mine are, right now, Family, Genealogy, Things I Like and my Etsy shop items.  I haven’t finished it because I haven’t put anything in the genealogy board and I would like to have more boards.  I have searched other people’s Pinterest sites and there is a huge variety of themes that can be used.


You put things in the boards by uploading pictures.  That is very easy, although I haven’t figured out how to upload pictures from Facebook.  Also you have to be careful loading pictures because Pinterest has the right to use any of your pictures and sell them without your permission if they desire.


It’s kind of a fun thing to do especially if you want to promote something.  And it’s a way to share photos of your family in one place.  Take a look at mine at

Important Genealogy tip

Today’s message is for those of you who are beginning the search for your ancestors.


One important thing you must not forget to do.  When you find information or are listing what you know, make a note of where it came from.  If it’s from a book copy the title page, from a film enter the film #, from a relative, make note of the name, from an online reference, note the source.  And include the date that you got the info.  I didn’t do this when I started and later on had to try to find the source, and sometimes couldn’t.   Trust me, sometime down the road you will have to prove your information, so the source becomes important.  It only takes a second or two and you will be glad you did it.


I want everyone to enjoy the satisfaction, wonder, delight, frustration and addiction that I have.  So get started and join the addicts.


Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.  If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it for you.  Everyone helps everyone else.  So, don’t be shy.  And check out my CD for beginning genealogists.  It has valuable information you won’t find elsewhere.

Happy hunting.



On The Radio!

Last night I participated in a live radio show!   I can’t believe it.  It was a promo for Talk Fusion which is a video program designed to help people promote their business or to communicate with family and friends.  It really is a great program that everyone should take advantage of.  But I am an introvert and being interviewed on live radio was unbelievably stressful.


My daughter Circe, was part of the show and asked me questions about how I got started, how I used it, and so forth.  She had prepared the questions in advance so I was supposed to be ready.  Even so, I was nervous.  I am not good at public speaking, and to top it off there was some static on the phone line and there was a chance that the whole program would be cancelled.  But it went on.


They said I did good.  That was nice of them.  I highly recommend Talk Fusion,  and think that anyone who has a business should check it out.  It is a very personal way to contact customers, thank them for their business, converse with family and friends and much, much more.  It is very easy to set up and if an 84 year old introvert can do it, so can you.  If you would like to see my video send me an email at and I will show you how great it is.  You even get a picture of me.

If you want to listen to that radio show click here.



Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I had my 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren here so it was a small gathering.  My youngest daughter and her daughter are both vegetarians, but my daughter cooked the turkey and brought it.  Delicious!   My oldest daughter brought a cake a friend had made for her which was decorated like a wrapped gift box, ribbon and all.  And it was all edible.  It was almost too beautiful to eat.  But we did.


Then later we played Scrabble and my Jennifer played all her tiles in one play and got 66 points!  It was her game from that point on.  But fun.  My oldest daughter spent her time between plays trying to fix my grandson’s lap computer, but a part was broken and she wasn’t able to get it to work.


My son called from Oregon where he and 10 others in his daughter and son-in-law’s family were having a 21 lb turkey.


Everyone had a great time and I hope your day was just as joyful.  Now we get to look forward to Christmas.


If you are looking for something special for yourself or a gift check out my Etsy shop at  I have lots of jewelry and some Christmas items there and hope to put up more in the next week or so.