Bead Shopping Downtown

Yesterday my daughter and a friend and I went to the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles to shop for beads.  There were 10 bead shops within a 2 block area to visit and we went to almost every one.  This was a pleasurable ordeal for me.  It was hot, I am not able to walk or stand for long periods of time and each store had so many choices I had to look at everything.

I am an old lady and I warned my daughter that I might have problems.  I was right.  I had purchased a cane with a seat so that I could sit when my back gave out, but as the morning passed it became more and more difficult for me to endure it.  I was determined to make it through the visit because I knew I only had one chance to do this and wanted to make it worthwhile.

The bottom line is that all 3 of us were pleased with what we found and what we bought.  The friend does not do beading, but she found some gorgeous bracelets and some other items.  My daughter bought enough materials to make dozens of jewelry pieces and I found the items I was looking for as well as some beautiful unusual beads and a gold chain that is absolutely lovely.  I can’t wait to get started on making them into necklaces and earrings.  Among us we purchased well over 100 items and together spent over $163.  Some items were only $1-2 so how could we pass them up?

I managed to get through the day in spite of the back pain, the heat and the fatigue.  And we are planning another trip in the next month or so because we missed one special place and didn’t have enough time in one other.

I’m so happy that my daughter, Circe, has joined me in my jewelry making enterprise because I could not have done that trip alone.  Her jewelry is not like mine at all.  She uses a lot of natural materials as well as colorful designs and ribbon.  So look for our new pieces on my Etsy shop in the future.  I will post the date here when I list the new designs