Is There a Baby in Your Future?

Maybe not your own, but a new baby coming in the near future for someone you know? A gift of baby booties would be appreciated for the new mother. You’ll find several new, hand-crocheted booties for the baby on my Amazon site,

There are blue booties for boy babies, pink for girls, and white for everyone.  They will make a delightful gift for the shower or for showing off the new arrival.

Take a look.

A Senior Activity Coming Up

The Mobile Home for Seniors where I live has a large variety of activities for the residents to participate in if we wish.  This coming Sunday, June 24th, they are holding a garage sale and I am going to participate in it.  Usually, I don’t.  I manage to keep busy and it’s a lot of work.  But I have a large inventory of my handmade jewelry which I would like to get rid of.  So, I am going to have a table this time.

I have to be down at the Rec Center by 6 AM!! to set up my items.  I’ll be taking about 40 necklaces and several pairs of baby booties that I crocheted a few months ago.

There are  over 200 mobile homes in my park, so there is a good number of possible buyers who might find my items worthy.  Wish me luck!

The Joys of Cleaning House

When I moved from my townhouse, with three bedrooms, into my mobile home I lost a bedroom.  One of the bedrooms in the townhouse was my work room and storage.  I had to find storage in the second bedroom of the mobile home.  The space above the closet was perfect. I was able to put containers up there to store materials as well as finished items that could be sold or given as gifts.

That worked out well for the first few years.  Then as I got a little older and less inclined to do some of the things I used to do, I lost a little eyesight and frankly, interest, and they just remained there.

My current project is to eliminate all the things I no longer need or use. That means going through every room in my house.  Today I asked my daughter to take down the boxes from the shelf over the closet.  I hadn’t looked in those boxes for longer than I would like to admit. They were high enough that I didn’t want to risk climbing on a ladder.  My daughter is very capable and helpful with this part of my life.

What a surprise awaited me!  I found items I had completely forgotten that I had. There were materials and instructions for ironing pictures onto cloth.  That was fun, but I never made use of it. I found another box with the material upon which to stitch crosswork designs. (I have lots of yarn to do this.)

One big bag contained a finished crocheted coat.  I tried it on and it fit. Now I don’t know what to do with that.

But the shocker was a box containing three, 3! afghans.

Last summer I spent several months making three new afghans for my teenage grand-daughters who live near Seattle.  I hardly ever see them, but their mother sends me pictures.  I have given afghans to most of my relatives and some friends, but I hadn’t made any for these three girls.  So, I found patterns I liked, went out and bought new yarn, and spent the entire summer making three new afghans, one for each of them as a wedding gift.  I don’t expect to be able to travel to Seattle for their weddings.  In fact, chances are, I won’t even be alive then.  But I wanted them to have something that I created just for them as I did all the other family members.

My son took the afghans and put them away to be given to each of them at the time of their weddings.   I am happy that they will have a special gift from their grandmother.

But… What do I do with the three afghans that I just found up on the shelf? They are fine. They would have made nice gifts, but I forgot that they were there.  I have another set of grandchildren who could be given two of the afghans, but that’s it. I will still have a beautiful handmade afghan that needs a home.  Any ideas?

A few years ago I tried to sell a lovely baby afghan online, but without success.  I still have it.  So I am hesitant to list this one. I will be happy to consider any suggestions for this big item.


I am hooked on beading! I have finally realized that what I enjoy doing most is making jewelry. I sit at my table in my little studio and look at the projects I am currently working on. Then I get out the containers with pieces that need help. They may be short on the number of beads required or the clasp didn’t work or they came apart, (worst of all), or I just didn’t like the finished product. And I make myself fix the problem on at least one. A fixed piece is my redemption.
But then the outrageous amount of beads that I currently have prompts me to use some of them by putting together a finished piece. That is the most satisfying.
In days past I have given preference to reading, knitting, crocheting, doing a crossword puzzle, or a jigsaw puzzle, or playing a game on my computer. (I especially like free cell and solitaire.) But the studio calls me. And despite my prior convictions, I find myself back there, looking at the beads, putting them together to make a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings from the leftovers. And usually I find that I need something to complete them such as a clasp, or a type of bead to fill out the design that the beads call for. And they certainly do that.
So, I am off to the bead shop. There are two nearby. Or I check my Fire Mountain catalog that has everything a jewelry maker can need.
And I am hooked. When in the shop I find a strand of beads that speaks to me. It has a special color, or an unusual design, or it says, “Buy this, it’s not expensive, and you know you’ll love it.” And I do. I come out of the store with more than I intended to buy. I have little will power. I cannot wait to get home and see what I can do with my purchases.
I try to imagine who will see my jewelry. I think that it should appeal to the working woman who needs an accessory to add to her daily wardrobe, or the stay-at-home mother, maybe on a budget, who would like to wear something new and pretty.  And a pretty necklace, bracelet, or earrings make a nice gift. However, I do dream about the woman who is out in the world and needs to wear something different and attractive. I like to say that my jewelry is one-of-a-kind. She can say that it is original, handmade, and especially, different.
I hope that this gives you a picture of me and my world as of today.
Come see my creations at 2 sites: for the newest pieces or for the necklaces that haven’t yet found their owner. There are over 135 currently at that site


The aim of my jewelry business is to provide attractive, unusual, colorful, wearable and affordable accessories for the working woman, or the stay-at-home-mother or as a gift. My jewelry is not made with silver and gold materials. I could buy and use them but I would have to charge quite a bit more and would not be able to provide the large variety of jewelry that is currently available from my 2 shops, at and my own online shop,
When I shop for materials I look for the unusual, either in color or design. I want my finished product to be one-of-a-kind and different in shape, color or design. I have never repeated a piece for the simple reason that I don’t buy the same beads a second time. Sometimes my purchase comes in an amount that allows me to make more than one piece, but the design of each is different.
I actually don’t see the finished product in my mind when I purchase the beads. I see the color or the shape and know that it will come together with what else I buy or what I already have when I put them out on my working table. Sometimes I imagine who will be buying my creation as I’m making it. Will she be an executive, a waitress, maybe a mother who spends her day making a good home and children happy or any number of women who just want original designed jewelry?
Because I like beautiful colors I look for them in other items than just jewelry. I have made booties for babies and crocheted afghans or embroidered pillows for my children and grandchildren and personalized wedding gifts for the children of friends. I used to sew all my own clothes, hence making jewelry to match was obvious. I made clothing for my children and my husband until his death.
When I began working for a living I no longer had time for these creative projects and they ended. Now I buy the clothes I need. And I can always find a piece of jewelry in my vast inventory to go with whatever I choose to wear.
Now that I am retired I have re-entered my jewelry making vocation. I had some materials to re-start and then found online shops as well as neighborhood shops that sold supplies. But I got carried away. I have more supplies than I can ever use. I have several finished pieces that are ready to have their pictures taken so that they can be shown to the public, as well as ideas for new pieces with the materials I have.
I like to give little advantages to a purchase. Therefore each necklace I sell is shipped in an organza pouch, just for protection, or if you want to give it as a gift, and shipped free of charge to US customers. My shipping is usually next day.
I hope this gives you an idea of what my business life is like. I am always busy with one thing or another. Aren’t we all? And I hope that never changes.
Look for me on Amazon in about a month. I have applied for a spot in their new section for handmade items. Looking forward to being there.
I’d love to hear from you.
Mizmlu in sunny California

An Invitation to My Readers

I would like to invite you to make a visit to my Etsy shop. I have been busy making new jewelry items for your fancy. I just listed 27 new necklaces and will be adding several pairs of earrings as soon as I can get photos taken.
The new necklaces come in all colors and forms of beads and I am sure that you will find something you like.
Some are fancy for a night out on the town and others will be just right for your business wear or just to look pretty while doing errands. All are original designs I created and are handmade by me. Some do not have clasps so they fit easily over your head and are noted as such in the description.
Prices range from one at $24.95 to one at $10, but most are priced from $15 to $19. Shipping in an organza pouch is free in the US. I ask customers in International countries to contact me for charges because each country has a different shipping cost.
I enjoy making jewelry. I have been making my own to complement my apparel for many, many years. I would like to share my original designs with you and in doing so create a name for myself and bring in a little extra money. I am a retired senior and can always appreciate the return on the materials that I use.
I would like to hear from you as to what your thoughts are. Your comments would be of great value to me.
Thank you,
Marylou Denyer, (mizmlu at
Etsy shop:
If you don’t find anything to your liking in my Etsy shop, take a trip to where you will find 130 necklaces at bargain prices. I do charge for shipping from this site.

Update on Mizmlu

I am home recovering from 2 surgeries and a therapy stay in July. My usual activities came to a screeching halt when I had a gall bladder attack and then a fall which happened when I got home from the gall bladder surgery. The fall caused a hairline fracture in my left femur which required a return to the hospital for repair. The double hospital stays and inactivity led to necessary therapy.
I am just now catching up with my normal day to day activities. I added a few new items to my Etsy shop yesterday and hope you will take a look at the new pieces. You’ll find my shop at
When I got home I resumed work on the three afghans I am making for my great-granddaughters in Washington state. They are meant to be wedding gifts from me on the happy occasions. The girls are in their teens and weddings are a long time off, but at my advanced age I will not be there. I wanted them to have something to remember me by. Also, as the years pass my eyesight and abilities wane and I might not be able to make their gifts if I didn’t do it now.
Hopefully I will stay healthy and have no further medical issues.



Several years ago I had a house guest for about 3 weeks. My daughter’s friend had been ousted from his apartment and needed a temporary place to stay for about 3 weeks. She didn’t have room for him and I had a guest room and knew him to be trustworthy so I said he could stay with me.

He didn’t have a car. He was an unemployed actor and was somewhat needy. Since I live alone I thought it would be interesting to have a person living with me.

At the time I was in the process of crocheting an afghan as a gift for a friend’s upcoming wedding, so I spent my evenings in the den crocheting while watching TV. Mark joined me most evenings. He watched me busily crocheting, rarely looking at directions, and questioned me about how I knew what to stitch while paying attention to the TV and not looking at the instructions in the pattern I was using. I told him that it was mostly repetitive and I didn’t need to check every stitch. He was impressed with my ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

Mark found work and moved out, but passed away several years later.

These days I am working on three afghans at the same time. I alternate them so that I don’t get bored with the project. They are to be gifts for my great-granddaughter’s weddings at some future date. But they must be made now.

Since I am still in the same home where I lived when Mark stayed with me, still sitting in the same chair, watching the same TV, and crocheting, I have memories of Mark— where he sat, what he said, and how he looked. I do not turn around. It is enough to feel his presence.

New necklaces for your pleasure

magenta4Just listed—Seven new items in my Jewelry A’la Mode shop. A variety of pieces in royal blue, black, magenta, (now there’s a different color no one else will have), brown, violet, pale blue, (beautiful), and green, (something to wear on St. Patrick’s Day). Sale prices, shipped in an organza pouch, free shipping if purchase is over $10. What could be better? As of today there are 126 necklaces to choose from. Come visit my shop at I’d love to show you my original creations.

All About Mizmlu’s Jewelry Shops

My jewelry shopsNecklace-Bag5 (16)

I’m continually aware of how much competition there is out there for jewelry. I am banging my head against a wall of talented artisans doing the same thing as I do. I would like to think that I have a little bit of an edge. I have 2 shops. Etsy and Jewelry ala Mode.

My jewelry is hand made with a large variety of colors and styles and prices. I create all the jewelry, all are original, one of a kind designs and especially in my jewelry ala mode shop the prices are affordable. I do not charge for US shipping in my Etsy shop. Each necklace and bracelet is packaged in an organza pouch. Shipping is free in Jewelry ala Mode for all sales in the US over $10. Sales of less than $10 are charged at USPS rates. International sales are at USPS rates. I do not charge for handling, ever.
There are lots of choices in my 2 shops. Etsy has the latest pieces I have just created and has about 40 items, not all jewelry. My other shop, jewelryalamode, is a much larger shop, with over 100 items, in every color and style under the sun. If you are looking for a special color, just find one of that color, and click on the color in the tags list. You will see all the pieces of that color pop up for your choice.
Jewelry ala mode pieces are bargain priced, marked down from the Etsy price. They range from a low of $5 to a high of about $20. Most are about $10-15. One special vintage piece is genuine topaz gems set in gold and includes earrings. My late husband purchased this for me more than 40 years ago, but I no longer wear it. I feel someone else should enjoy the beauty. It comes in the original box and will cost more than the others. But it’s special.
I would love to know how you feel about the jewelry I love to create. Can I help you in any way? A gift perhaps? A special color to go with that new outfit? Just something to perk you up? A unique color or style not found anywhere else? You can reach me at Talk to me.
I list new Etsy items about twice a month at and at as they become available. I just listed 9 new items yesterday on jewelry ala mode and I will be listing new items on Etsy soon. Maybe today. Come visit one or both shops. Perhaps you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for.