Halloween jewelry

I wore this necklace along with my beaded pumpkin earrings and a green blouse to a meeting of my friends last weekend.  We share books we’ve read and like.  I got a lot of compliments on both the earrings and my necklace.  I made the pumpkin earrings many years ago, only wear them during the Halloween period and they are an attention getter.  This peach colored necklace was perfect with them and the green blouse. http:mizmlu.etsy.com


Vintage Shop found

In my search for Etsy help and information I came across this lovely shop, AnnsWhimsey.  This lady has collected a HUGE variety of vintage items as seen in the paragraph below.  Right now she has a large collection of Halloween items, but if you are into vintage pieces this is THE PLACE!  She has two shops.  The first is AnnsWhimsey and has the most items.  The second is AnnsPaperWhimsey.  Check out both of them for great items.

“Vintage and retired rubber stamps! Digital Collage Sheets! Ephemera, antiques, books galore! Vintage purses, vintage jewelry, linens, hankies, pillows, digital tags, scrapbooking supplies, gift bags, sports items. And I also have a second shop full of paper (you’ll find some here to). Please visit me at the following links: “



While you’re on Etsy check out my shop for Vintage items and handcrafted jewelry.  It’s at http://www.etsy.com/shop/mizmlu.  Thanks.