You’re going to love my daughter

My eldest daughter is an exceptional woman.  She has created at least 2 jobs on her own to make a living.  She consults, advises, repairs and teaches everything you would ever want on your computer.  She has 20 years experience in this and now has made it her occupation.  Her other job is taking care of people who need a ride, temporary care, errands done, practically anything.  These two jobs alone take up most of her time, but when she isn’t busy she writes.

She is in the process of composing a book which will answer any question anyone could ever have about computers.   She also does articles for publication  in regional small papers or world wide article publishers.

Then, she always makes time for me.  I frequently have problems such as my  computer misbehaving, a doctor’s appointment, changing my clock when the time changes or the electricity goes out, whatever I need, whenever I need it.  She will drop everything to help me.  She charges other people to do this, but I get it free.  Lucky me to have her.

If you would like to have her help you and you are in her area you can reach her at 888-347-0052 or click on her link from my blog,