New Etsy listings

If you are a jewelry maker as I am you should take a look at my recent listings on Etsy, at http://mizmlu.etsy com.  I have been listing various beads that I used once and will not use again.  (all my creations are one-of-a-kind and not repeated.)  These are mostly leftovers from my supplies.  Some are very unusual and with a little imagination will make an original jewelry piece for your collection.  They are priced from $1-$3 plus shipping.  I have much more and will be listing them soon.  Hope you find something to your liking.  Mizmlu

Two Men, a Zippo Lighter and Marilyn Monroe

This is a story about my late husband, his ingenuity, and his imagination.

My husband, Jim Denyer, was a newspaper reporter for the Los Angeles Examiner in 1962.  He and his long-time friend, Examiner photographer Clayton “Bud” Gray, were assigned to prowl the streets of LA during the night in their car and follow up on events that occurred, getting the story and pictures.

One night in August, 1962, they heard over their police radio that Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home.  Knowing that her body would be taken to the morgue, they headed there hoping to get a picture. Upon arrival they just walked into the morgue. No one else was there, no police, and no other reporters.  They knew that pictures would not be allowed, so Bud hid his camera in his shirt.

They found the room where she was lying on a gurney with an attendant who questioned them as to whether they had a camera.  Of course, they denied they did.  However, Jim took out his Zippo lighter and kept clicking it open and closed.  The attendant apparently thought Jim was just nervous.  But the sound the lighter made disguised the click of Bud’s hidden camera and they got the picture which appeared on the front page of the Examiner the next morning. The picture only shows part of Marilyn’s foot at the end of the gurney.  It could have been anyone, although the attendant identified her for them.

The Examiner had the only picture of Marilyn and the 2 of them were congratulated.

I must add that this was 51 years ago and prior to today’s swarm of photographers who make life miserable for celebrities.  Getting that picture in today’s news would have been not only impossible, frowned upon if somehow taken, but then it was considered a creative coup.

Both men have since passed away.  The picture may still exist somewhere.

Handy Hint

These days a lot of people are concerned about saving money, me among them.  While going through some old magazines I ran across an article which had several very good ideas to save money, and or time.  Most were quite inventive.  I don’t have much imagination so I was intrigued with the solutions and ideas that others came up with.  I am going to share some of them with you during the days to come.  Watch for a Handy Hint now and then.   Here’s the first.

If you have been frustrated by not being able to get the last bit of lotion out of a tube even with your strongest squeezing, try this trick.  Cut the tube in half about an inch or less from the top.  Now you have 2 places to get your lotion.  You can usually find about 5 more uses before you finally throw it out.  A great idea from Rosemary Routman.