I’m Curious

I use a program on my Mizmlu’s Creatives site that allows me to see how many people look at my posts and pages and where they are located.  Although the majority of my visitors are in the United States, I have visitors from 28 different countries!  I find that amazing!

The program is Counterize.  It shows not only the number of visitors, but lots of other information such as the number of visitors on each day of the week and each month of the year as well as the time of day.  This helps me plan my promotional messages to reach as many visitors as possible.

The information I get from the different countries is limited but does help me determine the place where they live if I so desire.  For instance, I can tell if someone in my son’s family looked at my blog because the IP shows me their location in Washington State.  The program does not identify the actual person, only the city in which they live.

Which brings me to something that I found interesting.  I had a visitor from India yesterday.  Whoever it was looked at the picture I posted of my Denyer family.  This person lives in a town near the very lowest part of India.  The town is Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

I am by nature a very curious person. I imagine this person is equally curious.  Why would he or she be interested in the Denyer family?  My reason for posting it was not only to show the group, but hoping that it would reach someone who had Denyers in their family and would contact me to share information.

I would love to reach this person and communicate with them.  If they were simply curious, OK.  I understand that.  But if there is a connection somewhere I would like to know about it.  The Denyers came from England, (possible connection to India there.)

Therefore, I am inviting the person in India who saw my Denyer picture to contact me by email at mdenyer@dslextreme.com.  I would be delighted to hear from you even if you were just curious.