Do I Really Want This?

This afternoon I came across a very interesting site. It is Instant Checkmate’s Standard Report. I suppose I knew about sites like this, but hadn’t actually seen one, so I opened it. I was astonished.

For a one month charge of $22.66 I could learn my birth date, all the phone numbers I ever had, addresses where I have lived, who I was related to, arrest records, court records, government license information, email addresses, contacts for long lost friends or relatives, local police records, State police records, social media summary, online profiles, possible relatives, State records, relative sectors, and probably more that I haven’t listed. I was shocked.  I suppose I shouldn’t be. In today’s world of instant information, it should be obvious that there is no place to hide.

I was tempted to purchase the one month set of records, but I have lived a relatively chaste existence, one marriage ending in my husband’s death 44 years ago, three now adult children, and a few different homes and jobs. I am not sure I want to spend the money to get information I already have. I have no police record, and one vehicle ticket many years ago.  I know where I have lived, all my email addresses, and more, but I am still curious. I think I might like to know what happened to some of the people in my past.

I imagine that I could get information on some of those people listed in my report, but I really don’t want to know all of the details that I might find. In any case, it was an interesting site and something I wanted to pass on to you.  You can see for yourself with just your name, your State and $22.66.

Instant Checkmate’s Standard Report contains, where available, a person’s date of birth, phone numbers, address history, related persons, arrest records, court records, government license information, social media profiles including email addresses, and nearby sex offenders. A subscription with Instant Checkmate allows you to obtain unlimited Standard Reports about persons during your subscription period. After subscribing, you will also have the opportunity to upgrade your Standard Report to a Premium Report, which will supply additional and supplemental data about a person, for $19.99.



Pisces- Feb. 19-Mar. 20

Pisces is very charming, inspirational and mystical, also similar to the beautiful creek of which artists paint pictures. The Pisces personality is very hard to pin down.  Pisces are compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted and imaginative, but also very mysterious and elusive. Pisces is the most spiritual and most sensitive of all the zodiac signs. Pisces colors are marine tones- purple, violet, amethyst, sea-green, turquoise.

Ladies, do you like your surname?

Here’s another little bit of useless information that I found interesting.  It is the loss of surnames.  You probably don’t ever think about this, but it was in an article sent to me years ago by a fellow genealogy friend and I thought it was worth passing on.

Your surname may not last through time.

Only 20% of the surnames in use exist after 13 generations.  Ninety percent of all family names from the 1700s are now exterminated.  Each time two persons married a surname was lost.  This happened more often when families had many children.  In 1874, the Social Security Dept. had 1,286,556 different surnames on file, of which 448,663 were single occurrences.  I wonder what that number is today.



I have been a casual follower of Astrology for as long as I can remember. I learned early in life that I was a Libra and investigated the characteristics of that sign as I grew up. I liked what I found. It seemed to fit my thoughts, feelings and actions. I now had a reason for my behavior. I could blame my activities on something other than just “I felt like it.”

As I grew older I researched the Zodiak signs of my friends and family . What a revelation! “So that is why she did that.” Lots of things made sense instead of confusion. I accepted my friends for who they were. Their personalities were bound, in some ways, by their astrological sign.
It also made sense to me when it came to the friends I was attracted to, or others who “turned me off”.

My blog requires that I investigate the 12 signs and their features each month. I enjoy the research. I do not seek out the signs of my current friends. I take them as they are, but sometimes I wonder why they do what they do, or don’t do.

This month’s sign is Sagittarius and I found it fascinating. I don’t know if any of my friends were born under this sign and I don’t care. It’s not a factor in the friendship.

Maybe you will find the characteristics of your sign in my blog during the year. I hope that you will enjoy the jewelry I have chosen from my collection that is right for your sign. Who knows, you might become curious about the sign you were born under and want to know more. Your computer is filled with Zodiak information. Have fun with it. But don’t take it too seriously.