Back to making jewelry

I just returned to my jewelry making activities after spending all my time preparing for the craft show. Unfortunately that was a huge disappointment. But it hasn’t deterred me from creating new jewelry items. Fire Mountain, where I get a lot of my materials, had a sale that I couldn’t resist. When the big package arrived I sorted the little packages, putting colors together, and my creative juices flowed. I’m back, doing what makes me happy.
While I wait for my daughter to make time to come and take pictures, I have several other pieces that I will be putting up on Etsy today. They are not Christmas related items, so if you come by my shop please scroll down to the new items, right after the Christmas pieces.
It’s 10am in So. California right now and it will take me a couple of hours to sort them out, find the pictures and post them in Etsy, on Pinterest and tweet them. So please wait until afternoon to take a look at my latest creations. Thanks. Hope you find something you like.

You’re invited to join in my latest activity

My latest endeavor is participating in a craft fair organized by some of the residents of the Mobile Home Park where I have lived for 12 years, in Canoga Park, CA.  Some of the ladies in the park spend their free time creating beautiful things such as jewelry, clothing, home decor and Christmas items.  Our show is coming up next weekend on Nov. 8.

I am in the process of gathering together all the goodies I want to display at my table.  I will have many Christmas items such as a handmade ladies vest, several earrings I made, some I bought years P1560135ago, and a gorgeous necklace in red, green, & other beads on a silver chain.  Picture doesn’t do it justice. It glows with Christmas spirit.

I have been working to identify and price each item and in the process I thought it would be a good idea to inventory what I had and where I  kept it.  I found 146 necklaces that I had created but hadn’t sold.  I have at least 10 more up for sale this month on my Etsy shop.  That’s just a portion of what I have made, sold, or given away over the years.

And the earrings, OMG, the earrings!  When I have a few pieces that just don’t fit into a necklace or bracelet they become earrings.  I have some old beaded Christmas earrings up for sale that I made a long time ago.  It may sound strange, but I get pleasure from creating something that someone might enjoy wearing.

If you happen to live in my home town, Canoga Park, or the vicinity of the San Fernando Valley, CA., the show will be at 8811 Canoga Ave., Canoga Park on Nov. 8 from 9-3.  You won’t be disappointed at the variety of beautiful creations made by my talented neighbors.

Just in case you can’t make it to the show, you can view my creations at  Expired items can be renewed if you are interested.



Halloween jewelry

I wore this necklace along with my beaded pumpkin earrings and a green blouse to a meeting of my friends last weekend.  We share books we’ve read and like.  I got a lot of compliments on both the earrings and my necklace.  I made the pumpkin earrings many years ago, only wear them during the Halloween period and they are an attention getter.  This peach colored necklace was perfect with them and the green blouse.


My birthday present from my daughter

Click on this video of my Etsy shop – “Visit my shop Virtually”.  A beautiful, short, video of the diverse, beautiful, colorful necklaces I create in my studio.
Shows off the many types of pieces I have for sale at reasonable prices and free shipping in the US.  Join me on my birthday.  Enjoy!

Linkedin Experience

P1560110I joined Linkedin a couple of years ago at the suggestion of my daughter who is well versed in the media world. However I didn’t follow through on promoting myself or my business. I didn’t feel that I fit in with what I found there. I mean, really, how do I compare myself to Richard Branson? You know, the billionaire who owns Virgin Airlines and lots more? He’s all over Linkedin. But times change and things change and I was persuaded to give it a shot.
I am a business woman. I own a shop on Etsy to sell the jewelry I make. Why not join the rest of the businesses on Linkedin? So I did.
I didn’t promote any jewelry pieces. I wrote an article on the photographing of a single necklace. It is a double strand of pink cultured pearls and star shaped beads with tiny rhinestones. Making a double strand necklace is a huge challenge. Stringing the beads is simple. I do that all the time. But the two strands have to hang at just the right length to be attractive. Therefore I could not finish off the ends of the strands until the length was perfect. That meant attaching a clip to each of the ends and holding the 4 ends up in the air to judge the length of each strand. Putting it down on a board just doesn’t work. The length of the strand is not the same as when it is hanging.
But after several trials I found the right length and completed the necklace.
P1560109The next step was taking pictures of it. My daughter, who is an accomplished photographer, designer, traveler, public speaker, and much more, takes all the pictures of my jewelry since I do not own a camera. She came over, set up her equipment and began taking pictures. She could show me the results as she did each view. They were terrible. The color ranged from glaring white to bright orange. The lighting was the problem. We were outside in the sunshine, so decided to move to a different spot.
That place was no better, so we came into the house. My service porch is well lit and the flat tops of the washer and dryer were perfect for all the equipment. After several attempts in positioning the necklace she finally got an acceptable set of pictures that I can use in putting it up for sale. I have not yet done that, but I will.
It is a beautiful necklace. If you like it as much as I do, you may purchase it before I place it on Etsy by contacting me at

The article on Linkedin only discusses, in detail, the photography steps and the problems.

Leo the lion

Leo – July 23 – August 22
Leo the Lion is confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging. They are also domineering, stubborn and vain. People are attracted to Leo’s zest for life and their warm spirit. They are social butterflies basking in the spotlight and always ready to help anyone who needs it. Leo is the ultimate friend, never holding a grudge and very forgiving. Leo’s colors are sunny and positive tones of gold, yellow, orange, vermillion, copper and blood red. See Leo’s jewelry in my Etsy shop under “sections” or in the regular listings.

Zodiac sign – Cancer June 21-July 22

Cancer is a mysterious sign, filled with contradictions. They want security and comfort yet seek new adventure. Cancer is deeply sensitive and easily hurt yet have strong intuition, powers of observation and will stand up for what they believe in. A Cancer friend is a friend for life. When thinking of colors for Cancer think of moonlit seascapes-pale blue, silver, pearl, glistening white, emerald green. Jewelry associated with Cancer women can be found in my Etsy shop under “sections” or in the regular listings.

Results from the Vintage Fair

vintage fair photo1I promised you a report on our experience with the Topanga Vintage Fair. So here it is.
Bottom line- we didn’t do as well as we hoped. Circe sold the most at $60, JP sold about $46 and I only made $15.

We crawled out of our warm bed/couches at 4AM, dressed and left with high hopes, in our 2 cars, both packed to the top with tables, chairs, canopies, paintings, jewelry and other vintage items selling for from $.50 to $150. It took the 3 of us several minutes to get the first canopy set up. Then we put out our treasures. Jennifer had the most items. She was still adding to her display several hours after the Fair opened at 8am.

As the day progressed the weather got hotter and the sunlight covered part of our display, so Jen and Circe set up the 2nd smaller canopy we had which helped immensely. Although it did not prevent the smoke to drift into our space from the man who had a booth next to ours and began smoking his huge cigar. He did this in a smoke free event. The smoke caused Jennifer to feel sick. So after a polite request to him which he not only ignored, but became quite angry, Jen went to the officials who told him he had to stop.

Circe had mostly vintage camera items which were quite popular. She also had a lot of little vintage items and 1 large musical instrument like a dulcimer which she had priced at $80. Unfortunately it did not sell, but had a lot of lookers.

Jennifer had many paintings, jewelry, shoes, lots of shoes, hand painted T-shirts, which I thought would go like hotcakes, but didn’t, and other vintage items. She didn’t get the interest in them that she hoped for and didn’t sell any of the paintings or T-shirts.

My table was filled with vintage items of all sorts and handcrafted bracelets and necklaces. I sold 1 little bracelet, 1 small necklace and 2 containers of vintage keys.
I had 1 lady very interested in my hand painted blouse, but said she couldn’t afford it. She didn’t even ask for a discount which I probably would have given her.

All in all, it was a lot of work and not worth the time and effort. We will not be repeating in a couple of months with Christmas items. Maybe the lack of buyers was a result of it being on a holiday weekend. There just didn’t seem to be the large number of visitors that I had seen at my visits to the earlier Fairs.