Be an Etsy Shop Owner!

Are you a passionate artisan who believes your handmade items could be sold but don’t know how?  My daughter, JP, and I have written an easy to follow step by step 51 page book to lead you through the process of opening an online shop on a site called Etsy. is the fastest growing craft sellers marketplace WORLD WIDE!  You can be part of it with our instructions and business tips not found in any of  the Etsy books out there now.  We lead you through each step with detailed  instructions.   Everything is covered and explained.  Both of us are Etsy shop owners and have encountered problems along the way that we share with you so that you are aware and can avoid or resolve them.

There is no bidding as on Ebay.   You make an item, take a photo of it, and list it for sale.  Following our instructions, we show you how to place your item for sale and collect your money when someone buys it.

A Spanish language version will be available soon.

You can buy our book now on Amazon for $9.99 using this link: 

OR contact me at and pay with your card through PayPal and I will send you a pdf copy.   (California residents only $10.90).

You won’t be disappointed, you’ll be a business owner selling your great crafts, vintage items or supplies through your very own Etsy store!

Love your dog? Show it.

Charms for your dog

My daughter, JP, suggested I make a collar tag for dogs to show in my Etsy shop.  She said people love to buy things for their dogs.  So I did it.  In fact, I made 2.  It was fun for me because I hadn’t done anything like that and I had to come up with something that would be waterproof and sturdy, but attractive.  They have charms on a chain that clips to the collar.  You can see what they look like on my Etsy shop at

My Other Awesome Daughter

My youngest daughter, Jennifer, who prefers to be called JP, lives in Ventura, CA, with her daughter, Abby, 21, who is attending college and son, Paul, who will be 18 and graduating from High School this summer.  She was named Jennifer Patricia but has gone by JP ever since she left home for the Big Apple in 1977 after she graduated from Art College of Design. Yes, she’s a multi-talented artist, and a very good one.  She can design the most beautiful things, and whenever needed, create the packaging for them.

She also does portraits, logos, graphic designs, toys, party decorations, just about anything requiring an artist’s touch.

She returned to California in 1988 and continued to pursue her profession.  Ventura is about 40 miles from where I live so I don’t see her as often as I would like, but we are close and have traveled to many parts of the world together.

She currently has items for sale listed on and is in the process of creating a new web site for freelance packaging.  Her site is listed on this page under JP Designs.  She believes there is nothing she can’t accomplish, except singing; this she does off-key, in her car… where the radio can play, really, really loud! Don’t ask her to sing.