The Derby

Last year one of my postings was about my oldest daughter, Circe.  She has since enrolled in a writing class.  I am very proud of her and want to share with you her latest timely article.

Sabado © May 2012 Circe Denyer

Holá Mama!

“Mario …”

“Did you get the flowers I sent, Mama?”

“Oh, Sí, Mario. Qué boñita! They are beautiful!”

“I am riding tomorrow, Mama, in the Kentucky Derby.”

“Oh, Mario. On a Sunday… the Sabbath.”

“It is in the evening, Mama. It will not cause me to miss mass.”

“OK, Mario. I will pray for you. Who is this horse you will ride?”

“The horse’s name is “I’ll Have Another”. He is brown and very beautiful. You would like him Mama. He is smart. When I ride him he seems to know exactly what to do.”

“I would like to see this horse win for you Mario.”

“Mama, if it is meant to be…”

“Mario, here is your dad.”

Mario talked with his father about the race tomorrow. As always, he got fatherly advice and a little coaching. After Mario hung up the phone, he remembered the times his father would work with him to teach him to ride. His father used to be a jockey in Veracruz, Mexico. It was there Mario learned to love being a jockey. It was never a momentary ride for Mario. It was a man and an animal becoming one. He felt the horse’s eagerness to run and his readiness to compete. For Mario, it was “vida amorosa”.

His father was farming in Mexico now. Mario would miss him and think of him as he rode tomorrow. He wanted to bring respect and honor to his familia.

Mario remembered how I’ll Have Another moved beneath him in the workouts. He thought about the horse as the sun started to set in his room. He would imagine the ride, the wind and the feeling of crossing the finish line a winner as he closed his eyes to sleep. But what made Mario smile was the reason the horse had that name. “I’ll Have Another” is what owner J. Paul Reddam would say when his wife put away the evening’s cookies. Mario would long for his mother’s baking as he drifted off to sleep.

As the Derby field turns for home and out in front it is Bodemeister. Bodemeister is clear by three lengths now.  Inside the final furlong it is Bodemeister and Mike Smith out in front, I’ll Have Another and Mario Gutierrez now come along side… I’ll Have Another takes the lead in the Derby and up the line and I’ll Have Another wins the derby. The first winning ride for Mario Gutierrez. It was I’ll Have Another for Trainer Doug O’Neill and 25 year old Mario Gutierrez who took Derby 138. –Kentucky Derby May 5, 2012