Be Alert

Much of the news these days is disturbing. It’s unfortunate that there are people out there who are so angry, or sick, that they cannot find help in ways other than a spectacular manner. Much too often we see that another angry man has taken a gun to innocent persons to achieve fame and attention in deadly actions. The news reports another episode all too frequently. This person may not be able to control his actions, but does want fame and attention and knows how he can get it. He is not concerned about his own safety. In fact, he may be seeking solace in death.
It just happened again, this time in London, yesterday. 22 people were killed by a suicide bomber who was among the dead.
We can only hope that, if we are in a place where the angry person is as well, that we don’t come into his sight. I’ve thought of a few measures we can take to possibly avoid being hurt, or killed.
Avoid crowded places. However, no place is safe from these disturbed persons. Just be very alert.
Important! Watch the people around you. The assassin will be obvious. He will be wearing heavy clothes, even in hot weather. He will have a gun, probably a large gun. He will not be smiling.
He is looking for a crowd of people so that he will have many good targets.
Be very alert when you are out. If you see someone who doesn’t seem to fit in, do not run. Walk quickly away from the crowd, and in the opposite direction from the stranger. And call the police from a safe distance.
If you know someone who is disturbed, or angry, you might not be able to prevent his intentions, but you could possibly help by offering other solutions.
There are places where he could be helped. Unfortunately, most times, the danger is not evident. Just be aware of the people near you.