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New Items For Your Wardrobe

Take a look.  I just listed several new necklaces on both of my Amazon and Etsy sites.  They are different, original designs, and colorful items for your everyday or evening wear.

I am most pleased to include a crystal pendant necklace in a variety of pastel colors on my Amazon site.

But, on Etsy you will find a white necklace with splashes of pink, a lovely clear honey colored one, three different blue necklaces as well as an unusual one  made with sea shell discs.

And, you don’t pay for shipping when you purchase an item from my Etsy shop if it is sent to your site in the US.

Please take a look at or

Thanks, MizMlu

Ladies, Be Different This Summer

Wear something unusual.  Give that classic necklace a rest and try a different color or style.  You’ll find a huge selection of styles and colors in all of my three collections of handmade or vintage jewelry.  The colors are bright, the styles are unusual and/or original designs and they are all one of a kind. Some are simple and traditional and others are different or intricate. The colors are all over the rainbow from aqua, blue, coral, magenta, or violet and many others in between to non-rainbow classic black or white.

Look in for the latest, with free shipping in the US, or www:// for more unusual styles.  My third shop is where you will find my unsold items at reduced prices.  This summer my Etsy shop has a 10% discount on purchases.

I’m sure you will find something you like.  There are lots of choices.P1210034

An Invitation to My Readers

I would like to invite you to make a visit to my Etsy shop. I have been busy making new jewelry items for your fancy. I just listed 27 new necklaces and will be adding several pairs of earrings as soon as I can get photos taken.
The new necklaces come in all colors and forms of beads and I am sure that you will find something you like.
Some are fancy for a night out on the town and others will be just right for your business wear or just to look pretty while doing errands. All are original designs I created and are handmade by me. Some do not have clasps so they fit easily over your head and are noted as such in the description.
Prices range from one at $24.95 to one at $10, but most are priced from $15 to $19. Shipping in an organza pouch is free in the US. I ask customers in International countries to contact me for charges because each country has a different shipping cost.
I enjoy making jewelry. I have been making my own to complement my apparel for many, many years. I would like to share my original designs with you and in doing so create a name for myself and bring in a little extra money. I am a retired senior and can always appreciate the return on the materials that I use.
I would like to hear from you as to what your thoughts are. Your comments would be of great value to me.
Thank you,
Marylou Denyer, (mizmlu at
Etsy shop:
If you don’t find anything to your liking in my Etsy shop, take a trip to where you will find 130 necklaces at bargain prices. I do charge for shipping from this site.

New Pearl Showcase

I just revised my Pearl Showcase to include new pieces and some that have expired, but are still available for renewal.  All of the pieces on the page are  original one-of-a-kind designs and handcrafted by me.  I have not included some necklaces in different colored pearls, such as teal blue or aqua.

For those and other types of jewelry and vintage items please visit my shop at

And if you are looking for a bargain, the place to shop is here on the bargain page.   Just click on the “Bargain”  Page on the right side of the  postings.  All of the items have been reduced by 30% from the original price.  Shipping is estimated at $2-$4 with most at the lower level.



New Page with 30% Off Original Etsy Jewelry Price

JUST CREATED!!  A new Page with numerous items at 30% discount from original pricing.  All items are unusual, original designs, handcrafted, one of a kind, colorful, and would make great gifts.  Purchasing is easy.  Just complete the email form with the item number you like.  Ask any question.   I will respond as soon as I can.  No obligation for asking questions.  But prices are non-negotiable.  Shipping is prompt.  Payment is through PayPal.

Mosey on over, can’t hurt.  You’ll find the new Page on the list to the right beginning with “Bargains…”.   Take a look, you might have missed just the right piece for that new outfit.  And should you not find what you are looking for, email me at  I have lots more and should be able to find just what you want.  I will be adding more items as they become available, so come back often.

Thanksgiving Trip

Kevin & me

Kevin and Circe at the levee

My daughter Circe and I just returned from a wonderful 6 day trip to visit my grandson, Kevin, and his girl friend, Trish.  Trish, who is a very successful marketing business owner, paid for our airline tickets and we stayed in her 1893 historic home in Edwardsville, IL.  She has beautifully restored it and filled it with treasured antiques.  She made a delicious meal for Thanksgiving and gave me 2 recipes that I am going to make for Christmas dinner.  (I will post them in a separate listing.)

We visited a quilt and antique exhibition in Edwardsville where I was astonished at the creativity in the beautiful quilts.  The hand stitching was so tiny you could hardly see it and the original designs were truly works of art.

Then Trish and Kevin drove us all over St. Louis, about 16 miles from Edwardsville, to see the places of interest that we had missed on previous visits.  There is a very high levee on the edge of the Mississippi river to prevent flooding.  It’s about a mile long and completely covered with artistic graffiti.  These are not your usual gang related scrawlings.  They were skillfully and imaginatively created by obviously talented artists.  I was mesmerized by the diversity and talent.  The picture of Kevin and I was taken in front of one of these designs.

The meals we had were delicious.  Trish is a terrific cook and we ate well.  We also visited Dewey’s in St. Louis for pizza.  I normally don’t eat much pizza, but we had 2 varieties and I almost couldn’t quit.  They were the best I’ve ever tasted and there’s nothing like Dewey’s in my area.

My grandparents lived in St. Louis and many of my ancestors as well, but not knowing exactly where they had resided we didn’t attempt to locate their homes.  I feel pretty sure that they probably don’t exist anymore, but that is another search that maybe I will make someday.

We really enjoyed spending time with Trish, her amazing son Patrick, and Kevin.  Since we hadn’t seen them for about 2 years there was a lot of conversation.  I’m very grateful to Trish for making our trip possible and her generous hospitality.  Love her.

Kevin, Trish and Patrick


85!  Two of my most visited sites are my descriptions, “About Me”.  That surprises me.  It also surprises me that I have reached the age of 85.  I never expected that to happen.  I never thought I would live long enough to get Social Security benefits.  But I was wrong and here I am still active, still involved, still interested in almost everything, still expressing my thoughts and feelings.

My birthday was yesterday.  My 2 daughters spent the day with me.  I had requested no party nor anything special and they complied.  It was a wonderful day.  We had lunch which I provided and then my favorite dinner, sushi with plum wine.  Awesome!

My oldest daughter, Circe, spent several hours helping her sister with promotional advice for her online shops.  Jennifer has been unemployed for more than a year sending out hundreds of resumes and going on multiple interviews without success.  She is a talented and accomplished graphic artist and an industrious employee, but has not been able to snag a job.  My oldest daughter, Circe, sat down with her and gave her the benefits of her experience with computer promotion.  I think that her advice will help in promoting her sister in her job search as well as the many other online sites Jennifer has going.

I sat in on this learning experience and found that there were a few things I could do to help my situation.  My Etsy site is my source for extra income as well as the satisfaction I get from the sales I make.  My handcrafted jewelry is diverse as well as colorful and unique.  When I make a piece of jewelry I imagine who will wear it and at what place, her job, a party, or just for fun.  My jewelry covers all sorts of possibilities.  Some pieces are dramatic, some simple, most are brilliantly colorful, some for evening wear, some for casual wear, but all are original designs.  I tend to like the dramatic items best.  Most of my time is spent on the design, putting the beads together to best show off their beauty.  You can see what I have made at

At this awesome age of 85 I intend to make the most of what time I have left.  I’m not sure what that means, but I will figure it out as I go.


New Etsy News

I have talked about my Etsy shop in the past, but it’s time to remind you that it’s up and running and waiting for you.  I have been making new jewelry pieces almost daily and posting them for your viewing pleasure.  You will find that there is a large variety of both vintage and new necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and many other pieces.  I use many different colors and materials so that my jewelry comes in all colors and shapes.  The pieces I create are original designs and one-of-a-kind.  You won’t find them anywhere else.  The vintage items are from my collection of long ago.  I clean them and make sure they are in good shape before listing.

Watch the Black Elegance Video to see some of the pieces I create.

I try to price my items for the average buyer who wants something different at a reasonable price.   Some pieces are very inexpensive and others a little more.  It depends on the cost of the materials and the amount of work involved in the making.  I am very diligent in shipping as quickly as possible, sometimes the same day as ordered, and as inexpensively as possible.  I make sure the item is packaged securely so that it arrives in good condition.  I am proud of the 100% approval rating I have received from my customers.


My goal is to provide pleasure in the form of a colorful and distinctive accent to your appearance.


I urge you to go to my etsy site at or  I would appreciate any comments you might have.  Thanks for your consideration.