Free information


Did you know that the Government publishes free pamphlets on a variety of subjects that you might want to learn about?  Their current free catalog has 11 subjects with health having the largest set of choices and 6 having only 1 topic.

Go to the site at GPO US Government Publications: Main Page, scroll down to free publications and choose a topic from the following:

Cars:  Buying a car at auction

Consumer Protection:  Consumer Action Handbook

Education: 1 topic, not available in print form

Employment: Your health care options in employment

Family: 2 topics, Keep your dog safe and the danger of salmonella from turtles

Federal programs:  6 topics on Social Security and 1 on Arlington burial

Food:  Diabetes recipes

Health: 35 topics including health scams, OTC drugs, tattoos, infertility and many more.

Housing: 2 topics on Foreclosures and flood preparation and safety

Money: 14 on Investing,  retirement, banks, lots more

Small business: 1 topic on hiring the disabled

Within most of the lists are several that are no longer available in print form, but if a copy is ordered you will see in what form it will be.

I’m sure you could find something that interests you.  I did.