Results from the Vintage Fair

vintage fair photo1I promised you a report on our experience with the Topanga Vintage Fair. So here it is.
Bottom line- we didn’t do as well as we hoped. Circe sold the most at $60, JP sold about $46 and I only made $15.

We crawled out of our warm bed/couches at 4AM, dressed and left with high hopes, in our 2 cars, both packed to the top with tables, chairs, canopies, paintings, jewelry and other vintage items selling for from $.50 to $150. It took the 3 of us several minutes to get the first canopy set up. Then we put out our treasures. Jennifer had the most items. She was still adding to her display several hours after the Fair opened at 8am.

As the day progressed the weather got hotter and the sunlight covered part of our display, so Jen and Circe set up the 2nd smaller canopy we had which helped immensely. Although it did not prevent the smoke to drift into our space from the man who had a booth next to ours and began smoking his huge cigar. He did this in a smoke free event. The smoke caused Jennifer to feel sick. So after a polite request to him which he not only ignored, but became quite angry, Jen went to the officials who told him he had to stop.

Circe had mostly vintage camera items which were quite popular. She also had a lot of little vintage items and 1 large musical instrument like a dulcimer which she had priced at $80. Unfortunately it did not sell, but had a lot of lookers.

Jennifer had many paintings, jewelry, shoes, lots of shoes, hand painted T-shirts, which I thought would go like hotcakes, but didn’t, and other vintage items. She didn’t get the interest in them that she hoped for and didn’t sell any of the paintings or T-shirts.

My table was filled with vintage items of all sorts and handcrafted bracelets and necklaces. I sold 1 little bracelet, 1 small necklace and 2 containers of vintage keys.
I had 1 lady very interested in my hand painted blouse, but said she couldn’t afford it. She didn’t even ask for a discount which I probably would have given her.

All in all, it was a lot of work and not worth the time and effort. We will not be repeating in a couple of months with Christmas items. Maybe the lack of buyers was a result of it being on a holiday weekend. There just didn’t seem to be the large number of visitors that I had seen at my visits to the earlier Fairs.

Getting Ready for a Big Day!

Jennifer (JP)

Jennifer (JP)

My two daughters and I are going to be participating in an outdoor Vintage Fair later this month, on May 25. I have never done this before and am discovering how much work it is. Maybe it gets easier the next


time, but I am overwhelmed by the details. We will have a booth, 16×20, so we need at least 3 tables, one for each of us and our individual items.

My oldest daughter has framed photographs, and some vintage items. My youngest daughter has decorated T-shirts, creative things she has made and I have vintage items. All 3 of us have lots of jewelry as well.

I have been clearing out my old possessions in the last year and disposing of them, but when I signed up for this Fair I began to realize I could try to sell them there. Might as well. So now I have to price them. How do you price a vintage piece of jewelry that cost me nothing? Or a kitchen utensil in great condition that belonged to my grandmother? This is not easy.

Then we have to prepare for a full day of managing our booth, talking to customers, hopefully selling things and satisfying the normal needs of an ordinary day, like lunch, for instance, or potty breaks. We must be there at 5AM (!) to set up our booth and cannot take it down until 3PM. We have 2 canopies to set up, 3 tables for our merchandise and multiple boxes of goodies. In addition we have no idea what the weather will be like that day. It could rain, or the wind could blow our beautiful items off the tables. We can only hope for tranquil weather and lots of visitors.

At this writing I am already exhausted. I am worried that I will forget something. I wonder if I will sell enough to make it worth my effort. YIKES!!!

If you live near the San Fernando Valley, Calif. the Vintage Fair is at Victory Blvd. and Mason Ave. Our booth is #141E. Come by if you can. I’d love to meet you. I will definitely report back to you when it is over and I have recovered.