Hooked on PIXABAY

social-1206610_640I am totally hooked on pixabay.  I just spent about an hour collecting and saving pictures to use on my blog.  A couple of weeks ago I started to put a picture with each of my postings for your pleasure.  Some are related to the posting and others are not, but they are all different and all are from pixabay. I found so many on the listing I found today that caught my eye I’m going to be adding pictures for weeks, if not forever.  If you need pictures of any kind check out pixabay.com.  You’ll find pictures of food, flowers, animals, people, mountains, bugs, cartoons, and many, many more choices.  You just enter the type of picture you want and up it comes. Or you can choose from the selection they list.  The pictures are free, no charge, no ads.  It is absolutely fantastic.  Try it!

Crater Lake and my Honeymoon

My daughter, Circe, is currently in Oregon, with her friend, Linnaea, visiting friends.  (We live in California, in case you didn’t know.)  When Circe told me that she was going to see Crater Lake while there it instantly took me back to my honeymoon, 69 years ago.  That was the destination my new husband and I planned to drive up to Oregon to see.

My husband Jim, had a very curious mind.  This was before the days when everyone has a computer.  To give you an example of his personality, our first major purchase was the entire set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, all 25 volumes.  Circe has inherited that curiosity and it is reflected in her life.  She has multiple computers and services other people’s computers as a profession.  She is currently into photography and travels all over Southern California taking pictures.

But to get back to my Honeymoon, in August, 1947, we had planned on driving, (?) to Oregon to see Crater Lake.  I don’t remember why he wanted to see that crater, but Jim’s curiousity had many forms.  For instance, he was fascinated with the Greek myths, and our middle child, Circe, was given that name instead of something more common.  Jim wanted to know about everything.  He would have loved the possibilities of having a computer.  Unfortunately he died of a heart attack at the age of 46, in 1972, before he could take advantage of owning a computer.

We were married on August 14, by the same minister who married my parents, and left on our Honeymoon that afternoon.   We spent our first night at the Miramar hotel in Santa Barbara, and planned to drive straight through to Oregon.  But when we reached San Francisco, a few stops later, Jim realized that Las Vegas was just East of there, over the mountains.  And that was where we spent the balance of our honeymoon.

He never got to see Crater Lake, and, of course, neither have I.  But his daughter is seeing it as I am writing this, and I will be getting pictures of it when she returns.  I had completely forgotten the Honeymoon trip and the stops we made along the way.  But when Circe told me her destination, I was immediately thrown back to those wonderful days and the wonderful man I loved and married and enjoyed for 25 years.

Back to making jewelry

I just returned to my jewelry making activities after spending all my time preparing for the craft show. Unfortunately that was a huge disappointment. But it hasn’t deterred me from creating new jewelry items. Fire Mountain, where I get a lot of my materials, had a sale that I couldn’t resist. When the big package arrived I sorted the little packages, putting colors together, and my creative juices flowed. I’m back, doing what makes me happy.
While I wait for my daughter to make time to come and take pictures, I have several other pieces that I will be putting up on Etsy today. They are not Christmas related items, so if you come by my shop please scroll down to the new items, right after the Christmas pieces.
It’s 10am in So. California right now and it will take me a couple of hours to sort them out, find the pictures and post them in Etsy, on Pinterest and tweet them. So please wait until afternoon to take a look at my latest creations. Thanks. Hope you find something you like.

Linkedin Experience

P1560110I joined Linkedin a couple of years ago at the suggestion of my daughter who is well versed in the media world. However I didn’t follow through on promoting myself or my business. I didn’t feel that I fit in with what I found there. I mean, really, how do I compare myself to Richard Branson? You know, the billionaire who owns Virgin Airlines and lots more? He’s all over Linkedin. But times change and things change and I was persuaded to give it a shot.
I am a business woman. I own a shop on Etsy to sell the jewelry I make. Why not join the rest of the businesses on Linkedin? So I did.
I didn’t promote any jewelry pieces. I wrote an article on the photographing of a single necklace. It is a double strand of pink cultured pearls and star shaped beads with tiny rhinestones. Making a double strand necklace is a huge challenge. Stringing the beads is simple. I do that all the time. But the two strands have to hang at just the right length to be attractive. Therefore I could not finish off the ends of the strands until the length was perfect. That meant attaching a clip to each of the ends and holding the 4 ends up in the air to judge the length of each strand. Putting it down on a board just doesn’t work. The length of the strand is not the same as when it is hanging.
But after several trials I found the right length and completed the necklace.
P1560109The next step was taking pictures of it. My daughter, who is an accomplished photographer, designer, traveler, public speaker, and much more, takes all the pictures of my jewelry since I do not own a camera. She came over, set up her equipment and began taking pictures. She could show me the results as she did each view. They were terrible. The color ranged from glaring white to bright orange. The lighting was the problem. We were outside in the sunshine, so decided to move to a different spot.
That place was no better, so we came into the house. My service porch is well lit and the flat tops of the washer and dryer were perfect for all the equipment. After several attempts in positioning the necklace she finally got an acceptable set of pictures that I can use in putting it up for sale. I have not yet done that, but I will.
It is a beautiful necklace. If you like it as much as I do, you may purchase it before I place it on Etsy by contacting me at mizmlu@gmail.com.

The article on Linkedin only discusses, in detail, the photography steps and the problems.

Two Men, a Zippo Lighter and Marilyn Monroe

This is a story about my late husband, his ingenuity, and his imagination.

My husband, Jim Denyer, was a newspaper reporter for the Los Angeles Examiner in 1962.  He and his long-time friend, Examiner photographer Clayton “Bud” Gray, were assigned to prowl the streets of LA during the night in their car and follow up on events that occurred, getting the story and pictures.

One night in August, 1962, they heard over their police radio that Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home.  Knowing that her body would be taken to the morgue, they headed there hoping to get a picture. Upon arrival they just walked into the morgue. No one else was there, no police, and no other reporters.  They knew that pictures would not be allowed, so Bud hid his camera in his shirt.

They found the room where she was lying on a gurney with an attendant who questioned them as to whether they had a camera.  Of course, they denied they did.  However, Jim took out his Zippo lighter and kept clicking it open and closed.  The attendant apparently thought Jim was just nervous.  But the sound the lighter made disguised the click of Bud’s hidden camera and they got the picture which appeared on the front page of the Examiner the next morning. The picture only shows part of Marilyn’s foot at the end of the gurney.  It could have been anyone, although the attendant identified her for them.

The Examiner had the only picture of Marilyn and the 2 of them were congratulated.

I must add that this was 51 years ago and prior to today’s swarm of photographers who make life miserable for celebrities.  Getting that picture in today’s news would have been not only impossible, frowned upon if somehow taken, but then it was considered a creative coup.

Both men have since passed away.  The picture may still exist somewhere.


I just pinned some new things on my Pinterest site.  My genealogy board was empty because I couldn’t decide what to put there besides old pictures.  So I put up the pedigree charts for both my late husband and me.  Maybe one of my  viewers might see a familiar name and contact me.  Wish, wish, wish.  That would get me back into researching.  I did get a query from a lady last week asking about one of our mutual ancestors.  I went into my records and found lots of information to send her.  Also I have some pictures to send her that she wanted.  So I feel good about that.

Then, I pinned a board featuring necklaces that I have made.  There are quite a few of all kinds.  I have been busy making these and keep coming up with new designs.  I have ordered some beads that I can’t wait to get.

My Pinterest site has boards for all black jewelry, pearl jewelry and now necklaces and earrings.  I intend to make boards for  red items, green items, vintage items and a miscellaneous board.   I love Pinterest.  I get caught up with looking at other people’s boards.  It’s fascinating.   You should try it.

You can see my site at http://bit.ly/HjSpzx



Pinterest – New fun site

Just recently I opened a new site called Pinterest.com.  It is like a blog, a place where you can upload things you want to share with others about yourself.


The site is made up of “boards” that you create and give a name such as family, pets, things you like, etc., all with photos that appeal to you.  It is up to you to create a board that you want to share with others.  Mine are, right now, Family, Genealogy, Things I Like and my Etsy shop items.  I haven’t finished it because I haven’t put anything in the genealogy board and I would like to have more boards.  I have searched other people’s Pinterest sites and there is a huge variety of themes that can be used.


You put things in the boards by uploading pictures.  That is very easy, although I haven’t figured out how to upload pictures from Facebook.  Also you have to be careful loading pictures because Pinterest has the right to use any of your pictures and sell them without your permission if they desire.


It’s kind of a fun thing to do especially if you want to promote something.  And it’s a way to share photos of your family in one place.  Take a look at mine at http:pinterest.com/mizmlu.

Etsy report

My Etsy shop had 15 views yesterday, Black Friday.  I hadn’t had more than 18 views in the last 5 days, so I was getting pretty discouraged.  I posted 20 items in October and November and none of them have gotten very many views and no sales.  There are lots of Christmas things, some vintage, some I made.  I thought they would sell right away, but I was wrong.


I have more Christmas items to be photographed, but I have to wait until #1 daughter can come by to take the pictures.  When she does, I’ll post them on Etsy and blog them here so that you can see if there is anything that appeals to you. In the meantime take a look at www.etsy.com/shop/mizmlu.  You might find something you like.