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Must have book if you are thinking about opening a shop on Etsy, the world wide million $ site, to sell your creations or vintage items. This 51 page book, “Be An Etsy Seller” was written by two Etsy sellers who have experienced all the things you need to know when joining the Etsy community and have described them in detail. They hold your hand as you are walked step by step through the process. Joining Etsy is free. Putting your creations up for sale costs 20 cents per item and is listed for 4 months. Then if it hasn’t sold it can be re-listed for an additional 20 cents. All aspects of selling are covered, such as shipping, processing time, charging tax if necessary, how you want to be paid and many more subjects that other instruction books don’t cover. They are even in the process of creating a Spanish language version, coming soon.  To obtain this remarkable book go to

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OOPS! Sorry (;o(

I should have included sales tax advice to sellers in other states as well as California.  I am just now involved in the reporting and remitting of the sales tax I collected from my Etsy sales.  It finally dawned on me that someone outside of California might just skip over this post.  The advice that I wrote applies to all US states that have a sales tax program.   Some don’t.  In doing research for an ebook on this subject I discovered that each state has different, sometimes complex requirements.  In California each city, or county, sets a sales tax that applies only to that area.  Therefore, each sales tax on my product has to be determined by the city, or county where it is shipped in California, not just a general tax for the entire state.   Did I mention complicated?

However, if you are a seller you must research the sales tax laws in your own state.  Most states have a phone number for access to advice.  I called my Bureau of Equalization and they were very helpful.  They helped me determine how to file my return which must be done this month.   If you are a seller please find out how to collect and remit sales tax for the state in which you have shipped a product.  It is illegal to avoid collecting this tax and you could be fined a much larger fee than the original amount of the tax.   There could be penalties as well.

I have begun an Excel form which will contain all the information that I need to file my return next year.  I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already.

California Sales Tax Advice

I feel obliged to pass on the information I have acquired regarding the collection and remittance of sales tax to the independent sellers in California, my state.  I am a jewelry seller who has a small shop in the Etsy company.

I believe that Etsy should advise their sellers in California who collect sales tax from their customers that they must declare and pay that tax to the California Bureau of Equalization.  This applies to all independent sellers in this State, not just Etsy members.  I know for a fact that there are Etsy sellers in California who are not collecting sales tax from their California buyers. This is illegal and could cause them future problems.

The process for declaring the sales tax and remitting it to the State is extremely complicated and requires much information.  In addition I was not aware that the BOE changed the tax rate on July 1 so all data must be separated into 2 sections.  My advice would be to call the BOE and get the current requirements for remitting the payment.   Call 800-400-7115.

At least the California sellers should know what is required of them.  I am positive that some of them are ignorant of their obligation.