Be an Etsy Shop Owner!

Are you a passionate artisan who believes your handmade items could be sold but don’t know how?  My daughter, JP, and I have written an easy to follow step by step 51 page book to lead you through the process of opening an online shop on a site called Etsy. is the fastest growing craft sellers marketplace WORLD WIDE!  You can be part of it with our instructions and business tips not found in any of  the Etsy books out there now.  We lead you through each step with detailed  instructions.   Everything is covered and explained.  Both of us are Etsy shop owners and have encountered problems along the way that we share with you so that you are aware and can avoid or resolve them.

There is no bidding as on Ebay.   You make an item, take a photo of it, and list it for sale.  Following our instructions, we show you how to place your item for sale and collect your money when someone buys it.

A Spanish language version will be available soon.

You can buy our book now on Amazon for $9.99 using this link: 

OR contact me at and pay with your card through PayPal and I will send you a pdf copy.   (California residents only $10.90).

You won’t be disappointed, you’ll be a business owner selling your great crafts, vintage items or supplies through your very own Etsy store!

Why I like my etsy store

My Etsy store is my source for some extra income as well as the satisfaction I get from the responses  from the people who purchase my items.  My handcrafted jewelry is diverse as well as colorful and unique.  When I make a piece of jewelry I imagine who will wear it and where, at her job, a party, or just for fun.  My jewelry covers all sorts of possibilities.  Some are dramatic, some simple, most are brilliantly colorful, some for evening wear, some for casual wear, but all are original designs.  I tend to like the dramatic items best.

Most of my time is spent on the design, putting the beads together to best show off their beauty. I am fortunate to have a variety of sources for unusual beads and materials to make them into a piece of jewelry.  I get most of  my  ideas from the beads themselves.   I have also  helped friends to get started making their own jewelry. This occupation is my pleasure.

Although sales have been slow these past few months it doesn’t stop me from looking for new ideas, new beads, and new ways to promote my Etsy shop.  I list almost all my creations on Pinterest and some of my  creations are also available in   and I have an Ebay site for a few.

In a few weeks I will be promoting a new category on Etsy, Baby Booties.  I have crocheted 5 sets and am just waiting for them to be photographed.   I have no camera so I have to wait for my daughter to take the pictures for me.   I hope they will be well received.  I will announce their promotion here.

Please take a look at my Etsy shop.   The items for sale are not just jewelry.  I have vintage items that belonged to older members of my family and decided to pass them on to someone who will appreciate them as much as I did.   In addition I have included some other types of creations, such as a beaded purse, a knitted baby afghan, a hand painted blouse, a vintage hat, a macrame belt and much more.

Have fun with my shop!

Save on Jewelry with my Etsy shop 10% discount

As my October birthday approaches I would like you to help me celebrate it on Etsy.  For the balance of September and all of October I am offering a 10% discount on almost everything in my shop. The coupon code is LIBRA.  When you choose a payment option you will see a small note in blue below saying “Apply shop coupon code”.  Click on that and enter LIBRA there.  You will automatically receive a 10% discount on your purchase.  If you don’t receive a discount please let me know and I will refund it.  I hope all my fellow Libras take advantage of this offer.  Other astrological signs are welcome as well.

Free Shipping on Etsy items

As of today all items in my Etsy shop will ship free of charge for customers in the United States.  I am doing this to help make it easier for my customers to purchase jewelry that they choose.  International customers will have a standard price of $5.00 to cover postage and handling.

New Etsy News

I have talked about my Etsy shop in the past, but it’s time to remind you that it’s up and running and waiting for you.  I have been making new jewelry pieces almost daily and posting them for your viewing pleasure.  You will find that there is a large variety of both vintage and new necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and many other pieces.  I use many different colors and materials so that my jewelry comes in all colors and shapes.  The pieces I create are original designs and one-of-a-kind.  You won’t find them anywhere else.  The vintage items are from my collection of long ago.  I clean them and make sure they are in good shape before listing.

Watch the Black Elegance Video to see some of the pieces I create.

I try to price my items for the average buyer who wants something different at a reasonable price.   Some pieces are very inexpensive and others a little more.  It depends on the cost of the materials and the amount of work involved in the making.  I am very diligent in shipping as quickly as possible, sometimes the same day as ordered, and as inexpensively as possible.  I make sure the item is packaged securely so that it arrives in good condition.  I am proud of the 100% approval rating I have received from my customers.


My goal is to provide pleasure in the form of a colorful and distinctive accent to your appearance.


I urge you to go to my etsy site at or  I would appreciate any comments you might have.  Thanks for your consideration.

New Etsy Jewelry

On Sunday I added 4 new items to my Etsy shop.  There are 2 necklaces, one a very casual, decorated wooden bead necklace with 3 different bead types.   This would be perfect for T-shirt wear.  The other one is more elegant.  It is made with black stone carved beads that reflect the light and shimmer.   I have 2 more of these stone beads necklaces to post soon.  The other 2 new items are earrings.  They are simple oval shaped glass beads surrounded by silver tone edging.   One is blue and the other a rosy color.  Just the right touch for a casual outing.


I will be adding more items in the days to come, so come back and see what I have created.  I hope you will find something that pleases you.

Etsy report

My Etsy shop had 15 views yesterday, Black Friday.  I hadn’t had more than 18 views in the last 5 days, so I was getting pretty discouraged.  I posted 20 items in October and November and none of them have gotten very many views and no sales.  There are lots of Christmas things, some vintage, some I made.  I thought they would sell right away, but I was wrong.


I have more Christmas items to be photographed, but I have to wait until #1 daughter can come by to take the pictures.  When she does, I’ll post them on Etsy and blog them here so that you can see if there is anything that appeals to you. In the meantime take a look at  You might find something you like.

My Etsy Experience

Hello all. I have been very busy and unable to keep up with my Mizmlu’s Creatives page. I apologize. I will be sending out a new Thought for Today and the following article for your attention. I would like to hear from you about anything I have written, where you are, who you are, what you would like to talk about, anything to help me connect with my readers.

My most recent interest has been with Etsy. Etsy is a site that has vintage and handcrafted items for sale. I joined them in November, 2010. My daughter recommended it to me since she knew that I was disposing of some of my no longer wanted possessions and thought I had some items that were worth money. My daughter is an artist and creates beautiful objects like pop-up greeting cards, portraits, seasonal items, as well as graphic designs for logos or for whatever use they are needed. She has sold many of her creations on Etsy.

I put together the items I wanted to sell and my other daughter took pictures of them and posted them in a folder on my computer. Pictures are required on Etsy because they give the prospective buyer a good look at the item for sale. Also some information is needed to describe the article, its size, the material used, and any other useful facts to help the buyer make a choice.

Joining Etsy was easy. I had to fill out a form, give some information about myself, provide a picture if desired, but not necessary. No personal information is required.

Once I had joined I listed about 10 items that I wanted to sell, set a price for each, added shipping cost and posted pictures of the item. In most cases I used an overall image as well as a close up view so that the customer would have a good idea of what they would receive.

It took a while before I sold anything, but I kept posting messages on Facebook and Twitter promoting my site,, and finally a sale! Then one lady bought 4 necklaces I had listed. What a great feeling! I put up more things. I do make handmade items so I listed a pillow, some slippers, crocheted cell phone pouches, wearable business card holders and lots of old jewelry that I never wear anymore. Etsy takes only handcrafted or vintage items at least 20 years old.

Etsy has a tutorial that teaches how to price your item, how to fill out the form to sell your item, suggestions on pricing and shipping, and tips for succeeding.

Once an item sells it must be shipped within 2 business days. I have collected packaging supplies over time so I didn’t need to purchase anything but the small padded envelopes for the jewelry. I make sure that the item is well padded to prevent damage in shipping. Paypal has a connection to Etsy so that when an item sells Paypal notifies you of the sale and who bought and paid for it. Once you know the weight of the packaged item you can use Paypal to print a mailing label without showing the amount of the postage and just drop it off at the Post Office or put it in your mail box to be picked up. The cost of the postage is deducted from the proceeds of the sale and the rest is deposited in Paypal where you can leave it or transfer it to your bank.

Etsy charges .20 per item for the listing and 3.5% from the sale price. Each listing is automatically withdrawn after 4 months. You have the choice of relisting it if you have more than one and you so desire. The Etsy charges can be deducted from your Paypal account.

Etsy has about 3,000 members who create some of the most beautiful items I have ever seem. They come from all over the world. Some are truly accomplished artists and paint or design jewelry, clothing, accessories, household items, toys and more. Others seek antique items at yard sales or second hand stores and resell them. There is a forum where Etsy sellers can converse and help each other. It is truly a joy to just spend time looking at the amazing talent and imagination of the Etsy sellers. If you have any vintage item or handcrafted piece that you no longer want check out Etsy. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you get paid for your efforts. How nice.